Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dear Diary,

i wish life was better now...

Things have change and i am no longer that happy

I am force to grow up and understand things have to go the way i dislike for the sake of the person i really love.... and that is a huge step in our relationship

and despite countless attempt to twist the situation, nuttin is working and things are really changing to the way he prefers it.. i have yet to find the good of it.

from now, office hours are like my singlehood period, i am alone and in total control of my life. i will do online shopping, buy things i like, work constantly and multitask like i;ve been doing all this while. I will sms my friends like Pau and Viv when i really need to talk to someone, or simply walk over to PaperStop for some needed attention.

I will have to endure till 5.30pm, den spend the next half an hour to myself travelling to school. Come 6pm and i will have to idle around till lesson starts, and if i am lucky i might receive some calls, otherwise i am still to myself.

Oh and diary, i no longer look forward to weekend, because weekdays are a bore... i told Paper i lose the momentum to want to come to work in the morning. Even if Friday are nearing i wont feel that special of it cos the entire weekdays had been enuff to drain me out. I tot i use to deserve weekend, but now i dont think i am earning for it cos there hadnt be much of a special meaning.

Where's my stand now? i dunno.... i only know doing all this are suppose to be for the better... but Diary, i hate this sort of life as we were suppose to know it.... i dread it completely.

signing off,



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