Friday, October 22, 2010

Trip to Birmingham - Baby Eloise & Anna
On our list of thing to do during my visit to UK, bbbbbbb had plans for us to drop by and visit his relative over at Birmingham.

So along with what little clothes we can carry, we took a Megabus on a almost 5hrs journey to Birmingham from Newscastle, everything was done online.. finding the place to board the bus was also difficule task for us.

Thank God for really nice residents..... while we took out the map and start navigating our way, one extremely kind soul asked if we were looking for megabus. It came as a shock for someone to actually offer their help when we didnt even ask for (and i must emphasize this is one of the many examples of real good people in UK)

He told us the exact spot we are standing on is the correct place, no sign anywhere to indicate anything, thou we were in doubt, we chose to trust this kind soul who expect nuttin in return to make sure we dont roam around aimlessly outside the train station in this super cold weather, it was in the wee morning and the wind was really harse..... Megabus soon came.....

IT WAS A NIGHTMARE!!!... we the only 2 on the bus and the driver was really friendly, but his driving i cannot say the same,... we were both excited at first.... den once his driving start to sink in.... both of us were purple-face.... i wanted sooooooo badly to puke and so did he.... we got up from our seat and try our best not to focus on the swirling.... Mind you! the route to Birmingham has up to 100 roundabout........................

bbbbbbbbbb suggest lying on 2 seats per pax and try to fall into a deep sleep.. i am thankful for that suggestion........ otherwise i swear i will puke a hundred times! it was REALLY that bad.....

but it was all worth it! hours later we reach birmingham, met Uncle and his family for lunch and off we went to see the babies...... Need no further emphasis on their cuteness you can judge for yourself! Enjoy,........ cos i definitely would!

Baby Eloise and Kristal Jie Jie..... she could only scream in joy at this stage......... *CUTE*

Yih Shian yiyi, one of bbbbbbbbbbb's very very very nice cousin............... she is still in UK now

Baby Eloise can pose for picture at her young age,.... bet you are impressed!

i really like Baby Eloise huge eyes, they are mega-huge and definitely bigger than my fake-contacts.. hahaha..

did i mention? bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb really warm my heart each time he plays with Baby Eloise...... he is super gentle and a really nice Uncle.. hahahaha

Baby fancies bread..... awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

baby plays...........
baby stuff-bread-face

Rodman-jiujiu plays peekaboo with baby Eloise........... and she genuinely enjoys it.!

erm.... *so did Rodman Jiujiu -.-"

Baby throws tantrum

Rodman jiujiu feeds Baby Eloise her favourite yogurt =)

Baby had even more fun

Baby Eloise crawls

and there is Anna the Princess, who is also my best friend over in Birmingham, she is REALLY smart for a 5-yr old and the PRETTIEST young lady i'v ever came across...

WE HAD SO MUCH FUN TOGETHER, she's always pulling me around to the backyard for the slide of out the door for some flower..... she is always full of surprise + tantrum but soooooooooooooo lovely........

and she was the icon for my very classic joke! we had to speak to Anna in Chinese so she knows her roots

Kristal:" Jing Tian Shi Anna's de Sheng Ri, Ni yao Chuan de mei mei de ok?"

It's Anna's birthday today, gotta dress yourself up.... mei mei!

*Anna was upsets and almost cry


Happy fifth Anna, you are the loviest girl i;ve ever came across.. hope you remember Kristal JieJie ok?

all of us celebrating Anna's fifth over at a chinese restaurant

Anna's mummy bake those cupcakes. 4-4-4-1 was her secret formula, i cant forget this!

i would also like to extend my special thanks to Rodman's relative for their very warm welcome and for making our trip to Birmingham so enjoyable......

In addition, i really love staying at Anna's place..... her parents are the most welcoming family and her house is REALLY lovely.... i didnt take picture cos i want to respect their privacy (really sorry to show the Babies here... they are sooooo lovely..... i cant help it!)

and thereafter the trip, i've been bugging bbbbbbbbbbbb to buy a house in future where i can grow roses like they do..... hahaa.....


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