Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Reason why i am broke this month -------->

nono.. not the gold one.. i cant afford this for nuts... i bought this instead --->

yes yes! its my bf/future husband (haahaa) birthday in a couple of days time, i save one month of salary and spend it mostly on making this day exceptionaly special for this special man.

we got it Queensway Shopping Centre and bbbbbbbbbbbb was thrilled...... he's treating it like a baby now (of course he reassure me i was the main one)

and it comes with a price.... haha..

Thankyou dearest for the parfum, it shall be my first (i've always been using Et Al Toilette) and i will treasure it like i treasure you bbbbb..

teeheee...and there is still 3 more present that i bought for myself awating delivery

i am overjoyed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and super broke


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