Friday, October 08, 2010

Love yourself before you love your man

* i learn it the hard way

you know how we sometimes tend to think about the past relationship or that we often wonder how our boyfriend had their previous relationship?

By this i dont mean those bad relationship where you know he wont turn back, or the sort where he do not even want to see her again. I am talking about the relationship that was suppose to had a happy ending.........

once upon an older times.... a young guy and a young girl had a perfect relationship, a perfect partner, a perfect time together, and more importantly, they had perfect support from their family about the relationship.

then the spell was broken

Something went wrong in the relationship, the ever calm and perfect relationship could not withstand the tiny mistake, and they broke up.

Now both are heartbroken, but they have to move on, no one can explain what could possibly go wrong. Many years pass.. they have since move on... the end!

the end? any person who truly appreciate the relationship cannot live with it.... some part of him/her will perhaps ask themselve : what if there wasnt the tiny fight? Wouldnt they spend another couple of years tgr?

i dont understand, even if this shall happen to me, i will think about how everything could still be the same if only i hadnt spark a fight. The party that is truly hurt is the next partner he/she gets tgr with, when they learn about this sweet happening... they feel sorry to have taken over that place in his/her heart..

therefore Ladies................... love yourself before you love your man....
i have come up with a few reason for you to love yourself before your partner... you dont want to feel sorry for them and neither should you think you are not good enough.
  1. you are with him now, that means, you chose him and he chose you (over her of course!)
  2. you do not choose him unless you think he is suitable for you
  3. remember at the end of the day, the two of you havent go through the vow "in happiness or in sadness you stay tgr", therefore he did not promise you happiness, neither did you promise him happiness
  4. do you think being poorly fed, unkempt hair, sleepless night will make you attractive?
  5. do you not agree while being with him, you have other people coming up to you telling you they like you too? you are attractive girl, work it! love has no insurance... be safe, keep your options
  6. keep some money of your own, you'll never know when you need to save your ass
  7. no matter what, you know you had your hay days too...
  8. do not rest assure him and make him feel overly secure
  9. remember this damnit well, girls at 20-30years shop for new clothes, buy new clothes and wears only pretty clothes.... this is the prime period for you, so dont waste your beauty sacrificing yourself for other's happiness...
  10. LAST FACT- unless you make other girls envy you, you are not doing enuff for yourself. You are not born to get marry-have-babies and den die, got a goal in life? Work it girl! Work it hard!

i hope this helps.... i pledge to love myself before i love my man.... i dont want to go through another rounds of insecurity, the strongest woman can take care of themselves...


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