Friday, October 15, 2010


The other day, Paper and i decided to head to burgerShack for burger as well as to make full use of bbbbbbbbbb's toy (which i dilligently put to use since it will be a waste to leave it at home anyway)

we took a bus assuming it will bring us to Bukit Timah sixth avenue. Trust me! the bus did went past, we just couldnt tell since it was separated from the bushes along the road divider

so unknowingly, we ended up at Vivo (since we agreed if we still dun align the bus we might end up at Woodland..... haha...

The dress theme for the "photoshoot" was heels.... if you notice.. i worn my Jasper Conrad 6-inch heel bbbbbb bought me in UK, and Paper worn her unknow-source-super-tall-boots, we also decided to dress in full black

The photoshoot start no long after our dinner.. the sky was good and Skygarden at Vivo (or the sun-roof?) was pretty empty........ it was a little embarress at first but we dint take quite long to get use to it

i love this full face shot of Paper.... kinda nicely dont you think?

another one of my favourite shot.... the one without her face..... ahahahahha

if you still dont already know.. Paper and i are colleague at work.. she is one of the few colleagues about my age so we hang around a little more, furthermore, both of us are from NYP (albeit the different course and age) thus we can sometimes talk about our common friends,..

oh and one more thing about Paper... she is SUPER SKINNY, perhaps the skinniest friend i ever knew.... she's got boob dun worry.. just too skinny............

we lie on the floor (and i had to run to set the timer and run back to lie on the same platform) just to take this shot..... it was comical... me running barefoot (since the heels will probably kill me)

some shoot Paper took of me.. sorry... i was suppose to show off my 6-inch here... .. but she capture my face instead

while i ran off to set the timer (i need this pic to justify that i was doing ALL the job..) haha.. but den again, i wont want to break her bones...

like this mysterious look, thanks Paper

another favourite.... thou i hate my hair

panting after a run back from setting the timer..

after much exercise (me running back and forth, and cursing bbbbbbbbb for not lending me his remote control) we decided to do some squat shots.... all i had to do is to stretch my finger to set the timer......

then my camera went out of focus... -.-"

jumping shot maybe?

silly paper cannot click the shutter on time.. i giggle so badly after so many failed shot.. ONLY this one is clear enuff


make up have faded by this time

sometimes i think my shiny face's kinda make me stand out.. especially complimenting my golden streak....

missing a leg?

Kristal likes this =)

back to lying shot... since we both agree the effect turns out pretty cool. *extreme tired by then*

paper:"just bring the freakin camera closer" *why haven i tot of this earlier?

to show off my heels *wink*

There! some selected photos off facebook to blog about..... really enjoy this.. but i rather take pics then to be taken.. haha.... anyone keen on a photoshoot with me? you can guarantee the photos will not turn out perfect but at least i can practice... in no time to come perhaps i can make my portfolio

of handsome hunk, of handsome hunk, of handsome hunk
*fingers cross*


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