Monday, October 11, 2010

her very own..... me! Chng Kristal

back tracking to a another road trip of mine during my visit in UK..... it was a surprise from bbbbbbbbbbbb (actually more like a gift for himself) that we were be visiting Manchester....

we took a long train ride (about 4 hrs?!) accross to Manchester Station/.

i notice the people there are rather busy (which was the first part that makes me associate it to Singapore)

Due to the long hours and the fact that ladies are damnit!@$#@%#%$ far away... both of us had a crazy i-cant-talk-to-you-now-i-need-to-pee period while on the train.

First thing upon align was to dash straight into the nearest restroom we can find (thats when i learn the hard truth that Jean once mention- the restroom freaking cost me close to Sing $2!!!!!!!)

While bbbbbbbbb wait for me to utilise every bit of the ladies........

we studied the map and walk aruond a little, asked around a bit and finally reach Old Trafford Stadium,... it was a scary ride for bbbbbbbbbbb had misprint the map resulting in us losing nearly the entire route we were suppose to take to reach this spot...

Thank God for his splendid memory, he recall (from his last visit) some icon we are suppose to look out for to reach this place .

*meanwhile i was upset due to hunger and our chips were running low...*

we collect our tickets (that comes with a Man-U lanyard) and went straight to the Man-U official cafe for our lunches... meal was tasteless but what more can we demand? Freaking S$29++ spend on a bowl of pumkin soup, a chilled sandwich and a bottle of coke.. and we proceed to check the exhibition..

its officially *thou i never really tell * i am a loyal fan of Ryan Giggs!

Like i;ve always got this thing for older man.. and he is just charming! (bbbbb promise me to get his watch when we saw him being the spokesperson for that brand)

right.... more pic of Ryan and me.. hahah before we went into the stadium

*drum roll*

THIS IS WHERE ROONEY WAYNE (yes yes. that man that sleeps with Granny), CRISTIANO RONALDO (history) and RYAN GIGGS PLAY AND PRACTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the chair where enthu fans seat (now mark with prints of my bums)

bbbbbbbbbbbbbbb claim he is the 6th player

focus on the other tourist who came to visit (and that guy on the right of the pic that quite cute)

Us with background of the ACTUAL field those guys ran on

i cant lose out.. i need this picture to verify i;ve been there...

into their changing room *awesomenessly---yummy!*

sitting on the ACTUAL seat Ryan Gigg sat on when he play his HOME game...

*your ass touches mine!~!*

our extremely friendly guide

bbbbbbbbbbb and Rooney now shares the same seat once in their lifetime

bbbb:" quick quick a picture here!!!"
me: "why?" *oblige immediately
bbbb:" heres where they do live interview after/before a game, and the actual spot Rooney once made a lousy (but honest) remark about soccer"

the other side of the stadium
*what?! i pay for the tickets i'll even eat the grass!!!

my bbbbbbbbbbbbbbb posing on the ground floor

Seats proudly sponsor by Ferarri... it was ............. cushionised... so much for sponsorship?

yippie! this is two happy Man-U fan touring Old Trafford Stadium in their old Jersey (now replace with AON as sponsor)

leaving the stadium after the tour, and bbbbbb got me a tee-shirt with the Man u Logo on it.. i will be wearing it on the next premier league when Man-U make some achievement (last i heard it was a huge disappointment)

statue directly outside the stadium.

my erm................ enthusiastic bf?

in case you still cant tell.. the statue has a special position so no matter which angle you look at it it has a story to tell.. and from this angle it shows 3 players cheering for Man-U

after Man-u.... we took a bus back to Manchester town and went on another shopping spree (man i miss UK now.... bbbbbb lets me shop like CRAZY!)

you think Singapore has a flyer is good enough? their shopping complex has a ferris wheel directly outside by the entrance. Cold weather, blazing sun and ferris wheel- I LOVE UK!

my bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

and thus end our very short (but unique visit to Manchester) we took another 4 hrs train back to Newscastle thereafter (making sure we pack enuff food this time and pee all we could)

Though i am not exactly a huge fan of football, it was an eye-opening experience and i am glad i was part of it..

Thanks bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb.......

*so can we plan return to Newscastle next august please?!


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