Tuesday, November 02, 2010

How was your weekend?

Mine was great! bbbbbbbbbbbbbb and i've decided to stay home and make this cosy time worthwhile......

because i am saving for










Thats right! i am heading to BKK!

*this is by far the most impromptu trip i;ve ever "plan" ( as in, no plan were actually involve)

so PaperStop had been feeling rather low about her recent singlehood, and i was dying to have a break from work, and one lunch time, we randomly imagine how it'll be to be jetting off to a holiday, and that same weekend! we book the ticket...

so you see... a real budget flight complete with a real budget stay! Coincidently, Gary-my-brother happens to be in BKK during this period, lucky for him, they get to stay in a resort!

There are down sides to this impromptnesS......

i have all but S$250 budget to spend over my span of 4 days in BKK.

and i'll be spending the night with PaperStop, like 2 freaked out girls trying to get through the night not being afraid of being in a foreign island.

So why 4 days?!~

ironically, we wanted something shorter, but Jetstar, the cheapest flight we found, charges a better fare to fly back 4 days later.... so we had to go ahead with it...

Lucky for me! Gary-My-Brother have offer to lend me a helping hand if ireally like something i cannot afford... and also there is my dearest bbbbbbbbbbbb (whom as much as i wish to, is unable to join me on this trip)

so let's say its a second step to my independant-hood! hahaha.. first being my 28hrs flight across the globe to the man of my life- bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb!

oh well, wish me luck and tell me i can survive with S$250....

oh and my flight cost me like S$239, and the hotel stay was S$78 per pax... total damage is S$317 at the moment

rant aside... as long as i get my well-deserve breakkk.. rahrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

oh, oh, oh... and Rodman Goh will be a bachelor for like 4 days! So if any girls is keen on snatching my precious, please go ahead and try... BUT beware of my return... i dont spare eyelashes...i'll pluck them no matter what!

wahahahhaha... woman are vicious!

White Horse!

okok.. back to the sweetest Kristal ever! Just over the weekend, bbbbbb and i drove to Turf City to fetch Cheryl from her weekend tea with her pals.... she was at Rider's Cafe, and the ambience was soooooooooooooooo enchanting..... even bbbbbbbbbbb was suggesting we could come here often.... check out the amount of horses trotting across the carpark within that short span of time...

bbbbbbbbbbbb's fat arm blocking my White Horse...hahah

and this! Ladies.... is the highligh! moo-moo-horse! hahahha.. so cute!!!!!!!!!!!

oh! and Halloween.... we had to dressup for a Halloween party over at his uncle's. The theme was "desert!"

my bf, the archaeologist - recall Mummy Return!

i was suppose to be - the Eygptian Queen... flop- i know!


Aunty helping Cheryl with her make-up, she was suppose to be one of those Egypt dancer! ahahha

oh we had fun and great food that night, pix over at bbbb's cam! We also tried a mummy-marathon together with lotsa of mummies... which were bbbbbbbb's relative! Needless to say, none of us can take it past one sequence of "mummy"... we were dead tired after the first, and it was home!

The next day---- i promise bbbbbbbbbbbb i;ll start on my revision... so i spend a short while attacking one acct sum... den i whine and beg him to bring me cupcake-shopping!

imma wants to bake real bad..... Charmaine wasnt around.. otherwise our great chef will make cupcakes from scratch...

With only Cheryl and me at home.... we make do with instant-mix, coupled with some others of their specialty- bake rice!

Ta-dah.... sunday was cooking day..... bbbbbbbbbbb's mum and dad loves their bake rice

rice+ tomato puree+ morzerella cheese + cheddar cheese+hotdog+luncheon meat+bacon bits

spaghetti+cabonara cream base+ all of the above

dory-bake-or-fried fish + sambal belachan chilli


our raspberry-cupcakes-in-baking

we added chocolate chips in the mix... ahaha.. raspberry+chocolate chip= heaven

brand of muffin-mix for our cupcakes

end result - with icing top we invented by googling + youtubing..

hahah.. who knows baking can be sooooooooo fun by googling....

tata... happy Tuesday.... 2 days to long weekend! gonna meet my girls for a tanning trip! muackx in advance!


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