Sunday, November 28, 2010

TO LONDON WE GO!!!!!!!!~
So here i am, finally logging in my trip to London. In super short summation, it was Summer and the weather was a killer.... we abandon all the clothes we brought and only settle for the thinniest cloth we could find.. i will say the weather was about 39 degree? Definitely hotter....the sort every steps you take you dream about milkshake. go figure it out yourself

cant recall where this was but we were watching some sort of parade among the park, lotsa of people turn up for the event and we were no exception....dont reallu have pictures of the event to post up cos we were more enthu about taking pictures of ourselves.. haha

the small portion of turnout at the event.....

bbbbbbbbbbb and the HardRock Tee i bought...

Sitting on top of the gate/// i was short and the event was crowded, the cops were lenient and thats how everything work out

as soon as the event was over we wasted no time to look for lunch.. weather was a killer and my mood were pretty much spoilt.... but who could have visit London without seeing Big Ben right? So there you have! Super touristy pic of me and bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb in front of Big Ben Clock!

Took pic for the rest as welll

and a super spastic pic of bbbbbbbbbbbb

Spend another day at the most fabulous place on earth.... haha.. i love HarrodS!

Underground station was Knightsbridge... we travel around on tram/train/metro with the help of some googling and maps.. i love this sort of adventure... thou walking can really be a hassle

bbbbbbbb and i posing for a shot when we reach Harrods..... crazy shopping cos it turns out to be Harrod season sales! their items are crazily reasonable and we all got ourselves membership (in prayers bbbbbbbbb will bring me there again soon)

First part of the shopping.. more to come

Happy with the membership - a 5% off the discounted price... good or what?

bbbbbbbbbbbb's mum is super comical
How to identify Harrods without the bear?

Coin press! i love it to bits..... think this was 5 pence press with picture of Harrods teddy!

Leaving the mall full of satisfaction, and lotsa of regret it couldnt last longer...
\ and a thankful dinner at Nandos.....i must say by that stage... a good meal MINUS bread was the best thing anyone could ask for..... Nandos serve great chicken and i am glad to announce they have made their way to Singapore early this year and you can now enjoy Nandos in Bugis Junction/ Tanglin Mall! Go try!
London Bridge DID NOT fall down
as per title.. the rhyme was a lie.. hahha

bbbbbbbb and i on the "steady" london bridge..hahhaha..
did not fall down
did not fall down... remember that!
more underground for travelling

in a castle! (took a great tour.. but i can no longer remember the name.... bad bad kristal)
Paparazzi: NO~! we are not a item... and no we are not dating.. hahha
and his mum played along/.. super funny!

needed coffeebean everywhere i go.. it was God-send

and to prove my point.. here is another bridge opposite London Bridge we've walk on... therefore...
"London Bridge is NOT falling Down"
lalalallala... hahahha
bbbbbbbbbb's mummy always ready for a quick shot!

Last few entry on Paris and i am bidding goodbye to this memories meant for safe-keeping

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