Thursday, November 04, 2010

Company officially blocked facebook so logging is impossible.... dread!

Anyway, couple of saturdays, 23 oct 2010. bbbbbbbbbbbbbb and his friend celebrated his birthday, as well as Edmond's in a unique way!
*i am gonna claim credits for this!
I had called up a super good friend of mine to book a studio.... Pixelwave is located at Haji lane and the owner, Iskandar is a real bubbly and cheerful man.

I use to do photoshoot at his place... (there is a famous blogshop in Singapore owned by 2 ladies that holds there photoshoot there too!)

Here's the very very cosy studio!

backdrop colours can be alternate between all that is available - orange, red, black, white and grey.

we chose grey since i had all of them appear in white shirt. Nice music was played in the Studio all day! Iskandar's favourite at the moment is Sabrina, which all of bbbbbbbb's friend rave about. Her accoustic songs are worth listening.

Some best friend shots too.... we had ensemble and couple shoot.. more pictures to be posted soon!

Anyway, Iskandar discuss with me a proposal to form a partnership now that i am no longer tied down to any business on hand. I am taking it pretty seriuos and will give him an answer by feb next year. Sure hope the opportunity stays, but since nuttin is confirm at the moment i shall not elaborate too much.

Anyway, Pixelwave is a real good deal, hoping to get more photoshoot done in the near future.

Dreading work btw, the fact that i cant blog makes it worst... i am stealing lunch time for this!

haha.. miss you all... wanna finish my UK trip blogging soon! Till then =)


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