Friday, June 04, 2010

Upset Friday

i do wanna blog... but i am upset right now.. here's some information on how to console yourself (it will be useful in some events)

from a blog i read

I have managed to [at least in my imagination] create two sides of me: one girl that's always brooding, sad and bitter; the other always optimistic and out to cheer someone up.

Whenever I'm depressed, these two figures talk things out in my head and I am reduced to nothing more than a mere listener to both sides. This puts things in perspective for me, but doesn't necessarily stop me from being weepy and all. It just helps me rationalize things.

some help from googling online
  • Listening to peaceful music, thinking, or sleeping.
  • Chat with friend who I don't know very well. Because we don't know each other deeply, they can uplift the conversation and offer more of an outsider perspective.
  • I hear the still, small voice inside, which says:"Eat, eat, eat."
  • I call my boyfriend to hear his voice. I know this sucks, but I guess that's the only kind of dependency I have with him... I tend not to have any...
  • I don't "console" consoles others
  • Pray and cry ...then only i can feel better

i read the line that we dont console ourselves, we are meant to console others............. i wish he was here to console me right now...................

i also read on the crying part, i wish i could right now except i was on a 9-5 job and weeping at work could account to scaring my colleagues and non-existence chance of getting a better contract.

The part on calling the boyfriend wont help either......

tink i'll just swallow again..... =(


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