Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Loss of Memory
i woke up this morning to a call from bbbbbbbbbbbbb.... he asked if i am still affected by yesterday, and then my mind went like this-> ???????????????????????????????????????????

A sudden strange feeling overcome me, it appears to be a plain denial of the truth. To be frank, i tink i've experience a sudden loss of memory. All i clearly remember was i upset bbbbbb badly and i cried den den i cried so bad i had mucus and tears all mixed together and then....................... and den i cant remember anything else.

it's almost as if God has given us a second chance and like those who knew alien exist in MIB, i saw a bolt of lightning happening right before my very eye and den i lost all memories.

bbbbbbbb says its good and we should leave bad memories behind, i asked him what happens if the same problem occurs again, he said when the moment comes, he will remind me what exactly was forgotten.

i am thankful to my bf for being the mature one taking care of me at this period. I still cant decipher what went wrong and why i woke up with heavy, swollen and puffy eyes, but i am thankful God helps to take this pain away and bbbbbbbb to be around to assure me everything's alright now.

In no time bbbbbbb and i will embark on a new journey where we begin the new chapter of our lives together, we will be celebrating the closure of our 2nd year tgr and the beginning of our third. bbbbbb and i were the kind of couple i love to be in, the past 24 months have me witnessed scandals , bad break up and patches and really bad romance.

Not a moment in our lives had we been apart mentally for more than 24hrs. Perhaps its the determination we have, we will not resort to short term breakup even if this was suggested. i sugeest a short term time apart many times and i am very grateful he had never really once agreed to it. And one time he suggest the same thing, i refused.

If i were to reason why i tink my relationship is the real deal, it would have to be because of two things i did that i am particularly proud of :-

1. i survive a one year distance apart and now we about to call an end to this period and be reunited, and we kept in contact for 370days straight, there was never a single days that we were apart for too long virtually.

2. i made him sweet. It was the toughest deal of my life, i burnt both hands not out of failure, but because one will need a tough-burnt gloves when making taffy sweet, you can google this to find out. i held the burning sugar in my buttered hands and juggle them while pulling it before it toughen into sweet. Each juggling is like pouring a freshly cook cup noodle into your hands, my sister gave up and my cousin withstand the heat but couldnt get the sweet "pull" due to the heat, i made sweets for my sweets. Cos he was the sweetest and only sweets make sense

we will be holding our celebration in UK during our "us-time". It wont be a big event or something really major because we've discussed and decided to keep the special event for bigger moments of our lives. Nevertheless, he offer to plan something good and i will dress up specially for that day.

bbbbbb and i agreed to head to Italy next after our trip from UK, it will be another thing i can now look forward to, it will be another period of "us-time".

and after talking to bbbbbbbbbb's family, i was more certain if bbbbbbbb were to continue staying in UK after his graduation because he was offer a job there, i would await my own graduation in 2011 May and den fly over to join him. My parents din really talk much abt it, but Mum hinted i would end up joining him in UK anyway.

Dear friends, i guess i will call an end to my search for the real deal, i hope you found your own happiness too. Till more updates, here's me wishing Rodman and i another 2 years of sweet-fillled memories.


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