Thursday, June 03, 2010

So recently, (due to strong influence from PaperStop), i begin to look into a shop strongly agreed by my pals to contain lotsa of surprises.

Forever 21 have clothing from all countries! i once bought a couple of tops that was made in parkistan, UK, China ... etc..

And even without my persuasion you'll probably know what great style they have inside, bohemia, Structured workdress, toga, bustier, bodycon, colorblock. Name it, they'll probably have it!

but this is actually a post oF displeasure

've been thinking, especially since i;ve been bringing more and more yellow bags home.


This was an issue especially since i am someone who dont mind lugging a paper bag of nonsenical stuff everywhere i go!

I also have the habit of packing presents inside paper bag (bet you come across alot of other ppl with the same interest)

I even head down to ArtFriend to purchase their paperbags and to SpotLight to buy empty apple-paperbag (the brown thick sheets of paperbag where the ang-moh put their groceries in)

Do you know there is a store in neighbourhood call "SKP"? They sell good paperbags of all sizes in bundle and at cheap rate

i like to decorate my paper bags in drawings and stick gems on it when i gave them together with the presents inside.
Comparing other brands such as TopShop, ZARA, GAP, Armani, i felt Forever21 hasnt been making the effort to contribute to the environment.

And before you question my post on being environmental friendly, perhaps i can add in i dislike the plastic bags issue by uncountable stalls in along bugis street, Far East Plaza and Cottons On too?

i dont get it.... Plastic bag.... realy dislike carrying them. Take the F21 plastics bags for example, if the outlook was deem acceptable, wouldnt you agree the same design on a paper bag would look soooooooooooo much nicer?

In addition, people who purchase F21 usually purchases from Warehouse, TopShop, RiverIsland altogether, when the lug all the bags together, somehow you can feel the differences, F21 plastic bags just........ dont match.

to be honest i agree plastic bags are waterproof, can carry a bulkier item and can be easily stuff into your bag, but seriously? If it is a yellow Paperbag i swear it look so much nicer.

Besides, it's environmental and totally bring the store into another level of poshness.

maybe F21 needs to consider changing their "plastic bags" (eeek, the tot of typing out P-L-A-S-T-I-C already put me off big time.)


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