Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dear Rodman,

in a matter of 3 days i'll seeing you and like we both see it- it will be together now- forever

Some matters of the heart are unexplainable and very often, bits of miscommunication turns in huge fight, sometimes bad ones.. But i really want you to know how much i want things to work out.

i may not be all that perfect, and in our eyes we've probably reach a stage where the sparkle is no longer that, we may not dated for too long but already i am deeply attracted to you. The sort of person i see myself is someone who can be pretty unbearable sometimes, but as much as i can, i do wish we will walk this journey together, hand in hand, us.

Lately, we lose that patience towards each others, this was especially hard after being reminded not to fight, argue or take part in anything that will harm the relationship. Perhaps i was trying too hard not to fall into the trap that seems to be targeting us, the anxiety to prevent seems to take a unfortunate turn and that result in our continuous "i'll call you back" conversation in order for both parties to calm down.

i've read somewhere the best solution to a healthy relationship is to recount those happy times, and somehow convince ourselves this till work out - just the way we wish it would. So here's my version of the happier times.

"it was our first trip overseas, and right after unpacking the luggage you suggest i tk a quick bath to freshen up a little before we head out for dinner. While suggesting this you pretend to be watching some sitcom on the tv.

I walk out of the bathroom to find the bed nicely decorated with a laptop and a gift box. laying on the laptop was a video made by you, it was some snap shots of all the places we've been together, there was also a message you wrote in side of how confident you are that we will be together for quite a while.

I open the gift box to find the same dress i hesitate on buying a while back, you hadnt seen me choosing it nor trying it. I verbally told you about the dress and show you a pic of me wearing it... you remember it all in your mind and went to get it for me... that was the best gift i;ve gotten from anyone, and i tear so badly in the room before changing into that dress. i went out to the living room where you were still pretending to watch the tv, i hug you tightly and couldnt contain my tears....... you let me cried for a while before bring me to our dinner tgr...."


"it was my 22nd birthday and you had planned a array of activities for us... i had bought a new dress to be worn on that day, you came to my place and whisk me off to serangoon gardens, you bought banana chocolate cake from Awfully chocolate, and we went back to your place to cut the cake with your Mum and sis.

We proceed to shop at Vivo where i wasnt keen on getting anything, when it was dinner time you blindfold me and lead me to my seat. You drove for what seems like the longest time, i can feel you spinning but i couldnt figure where we were heading....

You surprise me with a dinner booking done at JewelBox, it was the first time i;ve seen someone done valet parking.... dinner was equally beautiful, we had a snapshot of our dinner tgr, we chat alot and share some food... i was clearly surprise and you were satisfied with your planning..... the night fell and we walk around mount faber before heading home... "


" it was our 6th month anniversary.... it was also my turn to do some planning, again i was in my best dress... and i book a table at HobNob.\, it was my favourite restaurant and i was keen on sharing my joy... the dinner was simple,. but i was feeling really blessed.. you allow me to act like the princess i wanted to be... we were simple.. and indeed happy"


"We didnt get to spend our first year anniversary together, you were over in UK and i was stuck in Singapore. You were disappointed that i wouldnt be going over for christmas, but we tried to make the best out of the situation...... We arrange to skype at a certain time.. and before that we loaded a movie at our end.... i remmeber the movie was called "Up".... we pressed the "play" button together...... we tried to make do with it.. it felt like i was watching the movie with you by my side... i teared at the part where the grandpa's wife passed away... and you console me...... i treasure that moment... we were in love.. and loving it... "


"You came back to singapore for a while.. it was meant to be a surprise but due to a small arguement.. and because i was sneaking into your e-mail account alot.. i found out about it... i plan a surprise in turn for you... so during your return.. i make you packing enuff clothes to last us 3 days. den i seek your buddy help to prepare the food for the party tonight... i even bring your family into the planning and everyone was ready to drop you a surprise...

Your friend were shockk to see you... and you were shock to see them.... we spent a night at the arcade while your buddies catches toy.... it was couple of hours to X'mas... we had a tiny arguement cos i din get to wish you in time for you were too preoccupied talking to your mates... nevertheless... it was christmas with you and i was blessed"


bbbbbbbbbb...... i wish we wont fight so often.... i wanna accumulate the happy memories and mark them in my heart forever....

if there were a calendar on our relationship on daily basis.... i wanna see 30 boxes of =) per month and 1 box of =]...... ... having a =( on our calendar aint worth it.. cos you are my bestest friend and partner.... and i want nuttin else but happiness for you....

let's hook fingers shall we?


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