Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Counting down to my departure.... finally finally leaving Singapore for a long while...

More often i force myself to believe it was 2 weeks rather than 11days till i see bbbbbbbbb....... it seems shorter!

bbbbbb had a hard time tinking of what to get me on our anniversary (and super super post- belated birthday celebration). He had initially request we get each other Man-U jersey and that shall does it... but i wasnt satisfied... =)

i wanted surprise! And right now i am stuck cos i cant tink of a better gift to get him in return.

Blogging this days has been rather dull, i am losing the momentum again - as much as i would like to pen all tots in here so tracing back on my life will be so much fufiling....

on the other hand, i am picking up on catchin up wit the girls, meeting Jann to celebrate her 24th this thurs with xue. And just last wed we did a DKS over at vivo to celebrate Besties Sharon super-post birthday.

next week's gonna be equally packed, for those of you out that who care for some shopping next sat, may i request you head down to Supperclub (no clubbing involve cos the activities happens in the day) for a day of Flea, goods sold include bohemian style, Bonitochico and other BN stuff, PaperStop happen to book a slot and i've conveniently squeeze my tight ass into one corner... so find me there and say hi=)

Also on wednesday, Pau and Cuz can finally find time for SATC2, awaiting clar's confirmation and i'll be able to meet the ladies for a short session before i fly off.

there is also the plan to meet Mr chong before i fly off, he's a lonely soul seeking single ladies (nah kidding.. he's a real nice guy la) so if any one of you care for some matchmaking do PM me too...

What The Flea @ Supperclub
date: 19 June 2010
location: SupperClub, in between National library and Bras besah complex
Attire: casual

SATC2 the movie
Date: 16 June 2010
Location : hopefully the Cathay
Attire: definitely SATC style

Meet Mr chong
Date: 18 June 2010
Location: Anywhere...
Attire: anyhow

Kristal flies off
Date: 20 June 2010 midnight
Location: changi airport, dunno which terminal
Attire: super casual for a 2 days flight across the globe

MacDonald with PaperStop
Date: today.. after work later...
Location: not gonna reveal. walking from home
Attire: i wanted to dress like a stupid stay home girl, but she threaten me with picture takin. -.-"

i 'm off!`


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