Friday, June 18, 2010


Another awful day. I am losing hope
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On another note... i am heading to town later with Jann and Xue,.. and silly Jann msg us both saying "would we experience Flood?"

haha.. it certainly made my laugh a little..... sometimes simple words like this can make some one's day - couple with some comfort food- courtesy of PaperStop.

Do you have anything to comfort yourself?

i love chocolate, ice-cream on a sad day.... more importantly i wish i had someone who would listen quietly while i vomit my worries... i;ve learnt that ppl who take the time to listen are people who really understand the position you are in... When you are finish with your sentence they provide their side of opinion and somehow, you'll end up listening silently as well..

i know of a couple who fight while holding one glass of water... each time the cup of water is in the hand of - for example the girl- the guy gets to talk and the girl will listen while siping a few mouthful of water. When the guy is done he takes over the water - while the girl talk. By doing so, they wont feel tired easily (haha) and they each have a fair opportunity of sharing their tots.

I also wish there was someone who would hold my hand when i get upset... if you watch "your Hands in mine" every time the charater touches their hand to show consolation- there is immediately a "chang" sound..- actually that feeling is surreal... a it is a gesture that will definitely make someone cheer up a little ....

One way of comforting is to drag a friend and go shopping.. but you got to take note that you MUST HAVE SOMETHING YOU WANNA BUY and you MUST GET IT. there will be a sense of accomplishment and that will comfort you as well..

Can you suggest some other ways to comfort yourself?

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