Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day one in NCL

i am finally waken up on day two.. its 7.24am now and real late in Singapore.. the jet lag din work much on me. thank God...

Thinking about work alot especially fish soup with PaperStop.... perhaps i am still not use to idling and being on a holiday... the people here are nice... \

The long-haul flight was a nightmare... my arse are sore from the sitting all day.. i challenge the authority during my second flight..... My first flight was good and the plane was luxurious but perhaps also because it was too grand a flight that everyone seems to follow the rule.. so much so that even babies dun cry....

The transit was a rush, my only memories of it was big foot steps and all kinds of signboard reading.. i was scared out of my wits and all the time while walkign i was trying to get some signals on my cell to contact bbbbbbbbbbbbb.. but it wasnt scary..... no one tried anything strange... maybe they were targeting more on the westerns... (i am somehow thankful i am asian)

we took a metro back to HayMarket where bbbbbb's apartment was..

Last night bbbbbbbb brought me around his school compound.. he is living in the more fun area.. a lot like Orchard Road in Singapore,... the to-die-for thing is H&M- exactly 2 building here are H&M,.. i am tempted already... bbb had total control of our finance... i pass him all the money to be deposit into his account.. whenever i wanted something he will pay for it.. by doing so i am convince we shall have enough to last us...

i fell asleep immediately after dinner last night.. it was almost 8pm and the sun was stillbright.... Summer is all about long hours of sunshine..... bbbb mention during winter they had nightlight throughout the day... so this is four Seasons!

loggin off now... will try to blog when i can......miss all of you back in Singapore.


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