Monday, June 14, 2010

Sorry i hadnt head back here for a while.
i havebeen working non-stop for 24 days now... it truly tiring but bbbb remind me each time that i am one more step closer to him, and that cheer me up alot.

As usual i am still crazy over F21, headed there while waitig for Jann and Xue to arrive last thurs and bought myself a electric blue frill tube top and headed there again on Friday with PaperStop to get her VB structure dress in nichii, and we both got ourselves Tiffany ring...

Its a piece of plastic with the Tiffany Green (Blue if you should correct me) and i am damn in love... Paperstop also bought a pair of pastel Purple shorts which she haven figure how to match with, I bann her from getting the thin tee with muackx prints cos its really overpriced.

Who pays $22 for a pice of rag nowadays? i told her i would rather she pass me the $ and i muackx a plain white tee from toa payoh (selling at $1.80)

Thurs dinner with Jann & Xue were done in a Jap restaurant which i had refuse to remmeber the name, and friday's dinner with paper Stop was done in White Dog Cafe..

Hadnt camwhore for a while so Xue and Jann help out with the phototaking and we manage to gather almost a hundred good shots to update facebook - which reminds me i have to upload them tonight.

On another note, i am leaving for UK this sunday- super excited and scared since i am flying alone. Hadnt gotten a wish list from anyone( other than Steve who wanted car polish?!~?!~?)

i also did some mental note and calculate the gift i ought to buy for- 10 friends to be exact. Since i am trvelling on a super tight budget i ought to be a little more selfish.

Of the 10 friends i have include my cousin as well, and in addition there is the family and that shall be all... bbbbbb and i agreed this is our anni trip so we shouldnt put others above us. I hope all those friends whom i missed out could understand - i only have less than 2000pounds to survive for 30 days...

bbbbbbb and i will be heading to effiel tower.... i know i hadnt reveal much of wats coming up for this trip.... i hadnt got much idea myself..... i told bbbbbbb i wanted the OMGOMGOMG feeling so i reckon he keeps everything up his sleeves...

the Weekend has been spent with bbbbbbbbb's family, his mum brought me along to the fortune teller that i last visit, he hinted good sign and i am super grateful for it. The last trip wasnt as fruitful but he predict better luck after CNY 2010, and true enuff all had been well and his latest prediction was even more consoling.....

The only weird advice from him was to prevent myself from getting hurt on my left side,..... it can cause temp paralysing so i am taking the advice seriuosly..... in addition he told me it was a good year to get hitch (hahaha,. seriously bbbbbbb mum almost freak out on hearing that)

there was a heartwarming moment over the weekend lunch with bbbbbb's mum and sister.

we were eating at a nearby coffeeshop after my visit to the fortune teller and i stained my white chiffon top, but since it only accumulated to one of the many stain i've, i didnt think too much about it.

yet on arriving the bus stop leading to bbbbbbbbbbb hse, his mum and sis went to the super market and buy a bottle of pre-wash fabrick stain remover, i was given a bottle and that night itself i wash my top... feeling really grateful to their tiny touch of kindness.

bbbbb mum also pass me a what seems like a PUMA passport carrier that can be hung on my neck while travelling alone....i;ve highlighted earlier how i fear flying alone and losing my documents.....

The supposedly packed week is here and i cant wait for it to be over soon! more importantly i pray that the flea this sat will be a huge success and i'll be able to recoup some losses and hopefuly get some really good buy to wear to uk.

I hope your week is as exciting as mine........

happily ever after is here.... sooon!!!!


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