Thursday, January 04, 2007

seriously dun understand what's the big deal about this show call "Prison Break"
iknow i can say much cos i haven actually watch one episode at all..
but when people starts saying this show was all special and all, i begin to really disagree. In fact the nicest show i've collected is this film call "The L word"
And in case u are interested to know, the "L" word here simply refer to "lesbianism"
the whole show is about lesbian, but lesser of the sexual way, it talks about the depth of lesbian, the true meaning of falling in love.
We may disagree to the idea of girl falling in with girl, despite the fact that we are all living in modern, 21 century world. Yet at this point, on the other sideof the world, there are real people who seriously love each other, despite the gender, they can even figure out ways to make the other spouse pregnant so the "family " will not discontinue.
the story in particular talks about a young girl fresh out of grad, ready to visit her boyfriend and stay with him, find a job and live life together, She came to realise a while later that her "neighbour " next door of her bf are lesbian, and one hot butch with loads of gf. The story then venture into her finding her true self, slowly losing her interest for sex with guy.
Eventually she was approach by yet another elegant lady who reads her mind and intellectually, took her breathe away, it didn;t tk too long for her to realise she's really, a true lesbian. Out of sadness and guilt for leaving her bf, she left the country. Thats goes Season 1..
haha.. the show is truly amazing..

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