Tuesday, January 30, 2007

i realise i wont have much chance to upload pictures like this in future


isn't it amazing how mum and dad decided to produce a spring, then out pop stupid kristal.
even amazing is the fact that she manage to survive till date

every year on this day i look forward to so much, so this time i look forward to nothing.
At least if someone gets me anything, it became a surprise!

haha. the only thing i totally dislike about is probably cake!
why do they look so cute?

do u ponder upon sometimes do human eat cute stuff?
no! they dun.. if they do then babies can eat barbie dolls
we can da-bao dress for lunch and hair accessories for dessert/

make sense right?!~ haha..
so for my birthday.. i'v decided to go with my anti-cake petition.
but for traditional sake, the man is gonna bring me out for dinner later, i've requested for ice-cream cake, still cake wat! but minus the sponge, minus the cream, minus the calories, minus the cholesterol!

my new resolution at the age of 20 is probably
= to slim down (to a healthy 45 kg i hope)
= find opportunities to learn new stuff (such as the upcoming MOS event, i wanna help out Rena with dressing up the models!)
= get a clearer perspective in life, clear out my thoughts
= contribute more the less fortunate
= enjoy life to the fullest
= visit my grandma more.. she's lonely in her tomb la

haha.. so much to do, so MANY time! i reckon graduation seems like a relieve idea for me. Except for the lost in goal in life,

i wanna further my clarinet like i want
i wanna play more tennis
i wanna gym

i wanna fall in love.. hehe

what a 20 years=)

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