Thursday, January 11, 2007

tot about it for some time, decided to reveal a secret of a girl
a girl i dun really like, but dun dislike either
her room is horrible..
but oh well, i manage to tk a good shot and intro them to u
haha.. that girl i've caught is Kristal

infortunately, that girl's me
and here we go

at one corner of my room, totally hidden by the staircase of the Bed, are my "Barang"
as u can see, some of my usual stuff are here
-Hello Kitty pillow are bought by mum, din use it cos its too hard, there are 2 of them thou, if u notice on the left of the pillow is another lighter pink tissue sofa, it a miniature Hello Kitty tissue sofa where i put my tissues
- Tennis stuff include that VERY BIG bag B bought for me, i kept all my tennis stuff inside
- please kindly ignore the 7-11 plastic, they are B's stuff

on my bed,
- i use 2 pillow to sleep,Kristal dun use bolster
- i hug my Hello Kitty to slp, B bought it for me
- thats my favourite bedsheet, very girly
- my sister insist we paste a pic she drew, we'll change the pic every once a year
- we only paste those Glow-in-the-dark stars around my bed, it makes me sleep sweetly
(reason why Kristal dun use bolster = when she was small, she din understand why pillow and bolster are made in different shapes, then it took her a while, during puberty, to assume bolster was to train hugging your husband when u get married, she hates the idea, so since then stop using bolster)

- i have a sliding door cupboard, my sis and i have lots of clothes, so we hide them behind close doors
- we hide our cosmetic product behind close doors too
- the tiny closet on the right is use to keep my books, will burn them all after graduation
- one bear is hanging there, bought it in a flea market, turn the bear around, and i stuff all my hair accessories inside them, thats why bear's tummy looks huge

-pictures hanging on wall
- DKS poster made my Denise darlin
- love the poster
- Hello Kitty photo frame on the right are photos of my entire family and my family
- baby head is a poster with a motivation "if i can do it, u can do it too"

-taken while standing at room door
- an overall of my room
- bed is double-deck
- love the organ, another portable organ stack on top of it, but covered in sunflower cloth

- photos hanging shelf build high up
- contain photos of my dearest
- one glass shelf on top to put my Hello Kitty collectibles

- This is the most unique - Glass shelf
- daddy hang it up all by himself
- daddy put mental sticks and glass pane to make them
- hang my photos and Hello Kitty collectibles
- also display some of my bikes collectibles

- staircase by my double deck bed
- the 2 words "tennis stuff and kitty pillow " are explain in the first pic
- one bear is mummy vintage bear, she has it since she was 18
- i use 2 blankets
* Why did Kristal use 2 blanket? = one blanket was made by my late grandma, the one i love the most, the other one was a gift from Uncle's funeral,
The one that Grandma made is silk, use them on hot weather
Uncle funeral one is filled with wool, use them on cold weather
btw, it makes no difference cos i slp in air-con room

oh well, just shuddup

i guess i am done introducing my room? haha.. sounds a bit boring i know, bear with it k? its always good to know some one better. and in this case, Kristal is a TRANSPARENT person.. so she has nuttin to hide.

show my secret cos i have nuttin to hide
if u tink i am someone with more than what i appear
u are wrong
i am just like that, sometimes i look mysterios
actually i am only tinking
but i dun do too much tinking, and many people know what i am tinking
if i ever look secretive to you,
truth is, you are guilty, cos u assume i know your secret.

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