Monday, January 22, 2007

Wanna talk about someone really special tis study period.
Tan Xue Shan

she's been the SWEETEST this study period.. and here's her msg all of a sudden today
"Kris, if you got ani problem on java, feel free ask to ask me. dun everytime so paiseh. Gambatek=)"
i was SOOOO touched... it is SOOOOOOOO sweet
thank you!!! Lah!~
i can imagine her as someone sneaking out of somewhere, dressed in tigh fitting tops and pant, with bikini on the outside, and just running to any rescue when she sees danger

xue Shan, Xue shan.. when i was younger i often ask myself if people are smart will they be friendly too? Those so-call smart people i know of dun and never took notice of anybody.,.
but Xue Shan is different la, she is a combi of intelligience and emotion.. totally IQ and EQ high k? She knows how to feel for others too. She deserve a muackz, on her
- cheek
- forehead and
- on her ass

i love you k?

Some really random pic

flower on my head


my stupid leg..



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