Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Some Happenings

for some strage reason, cupid played a trick on me that day
and if it hadn't be for my clear miind, i would hav almost tot i had became attractive overnight
you shall evaluate

that day
was in the worst state of mind, preparing to go to work, needed that extra push by getting intellectual. So what did i do?

with my bag on the right, a bottle of water on the left, some fingers holding to a wallet, and another hand in to hold on to the newspaper, i juggle my barang barang and rush up the train station to catch the train.
finally caught a gush of wind for breather, i board the train and started reading the paper. i guess i must hav been so engross i din even notice people were staring at this stupid gal.

Anyway got off the train, scan the card (after struggling to get it out of the bag), rush thru the tunnel, stop by to donate some coins, rush somemore to far east;. FInally reach work

walk up to level 4 to get my lunch, saw this really strange guy, familiar. walk on, stop to buy drink for Jean, the strange man stop me

"Where do you work exactly"
"no la, i notice u since u board the train"
" i work downstair"

cut short, he left first, i was still shock. Anyway rush back to level back to the shop, he happen to be at level too.

"Let me walk u back to your shop"

we walk on and i show him to my shop, he happen to be a hair stylist at the other end of Far east, asked for my number..
gave him my e-mail instead

chatted for a while, exchange number, we are sms-ing now.

what are the strange thing?
- he was born in the year of snake, thats makes him look like 29
NO!!! HE WAS 2 ROUNDS MY ZoDIAC, he is 42 yr old
strange thing is he really look younger la.. but watever..

told him i had my own eye-candy, told him bout B, my man.. haha
thats all

we are still msg now.. but at least i have made my stand. Told B about it, naturally he was damn angry.

The other incident
ok the day that man talk to me, that night Jonathan actually pass by my shop, i notice but hide myself. Anyway at the end of the day, he boldly walk in to shop, drop a lunchbox for me and a cup of drink and left.

damn strange happening. his msg says :"notice u've been busy the whole day, can tell u din eat, so bought u dinner"

-.-" my gosh, he's been eyeing me since God knows waht time.

told B about it, he was FUMING mad

what happen the end
msg Jonathan and remind him bout our promise not to contact each other again, B was grateful i did that, Jonathan replied that he understood.

i hope this will not affect B and me

anyway my man is away in TEKKONG!!!!!
not missing him, dunno why, been too engross with my school projects,, graduation is in less than 45 days..

keep counting

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