Friday, December 29, 2006

heyy guess what u stupid dumb dumb..

i wanna confess..
- yes its TRUE that i seek help from others, infact alot of help from others in DOING THIS PROJECT.. but guess what? i finish up the project all by myself.

tell me which idiot can come up with a whole book of codes store in their back of mind. Mind u that before i even begin doing my project i dun even noe wat the meaning of debugging was.

this holiday
- i freaking went to school EVERY DAY except public holiday to do my project
- i thicken my skin to ask people around for help
- i dig up my books to review them over and over again
- i disturb the leader over and over again to make sure my logic was on the right track

the fact is, Chng Xien Shen, u freaking finish up ur project very fast because u happily took the SAME part u are doing in the previous project. Which means, every thing else is the same except for the connection, i DUN SEE WAT IS SO SPECIAL about UR part for u to be saying others.
In fact, i did my part, i took the INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE coding from others but i USE THEM OVER AND OVER again in this project, and guess what, i use them more than once, ALL BY MYSELF, tell me u dun tk others code?

The shameful thing is just last ITIPJ presentation when u were presenting ur this part, the teacher was not even interested in looking. I WAS THE IDIOT THAT PUT IN GOOD WORDS for u so that the teacher award u more marks for your so-call SEARCH ENGINE,

NO, i am not affected, i am typing so much cos i PROMISE i will curse u here. So i hope u will grow fatter till 85 kg.
i know myself, Honey was right, sometimes i dun need to prove anyone anything. I know how much i put in, i know the hard-pain-staking cold nights that i stay up to finish up other project, then FULLY concentrate on this EAIPJ project thereafter.

i have nuttin to explain, its true that others help me out alot in this project, so i thank them. And for those like u who tinks i am merely copying from others.. suit urself.

i do not believe that last semester i manage a grade B because i "copy" others. If thats the case, i believe the the teachers are too stupid. Somehow or rather, they hav eye to judge right from wrong, dont u agree Mr Chong Wei Zhe fatty bom bom?

there, i've curse u enough.. shall last u for a while till u turn 85kg.. then i will add on the curse.. what do u say to guy that mess with women like Kristal?

" Good Luck man"

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