Friday, December 29, 2006


New Train
i manage to grab this chance to take a lil' ride around Singapore Town in this TOTALLY awesome new train from SMRT.
Here's why the train TOTALLY comfortable, i manage to tk a few shots that will make u go "WOW"
The main comfort belongs to those who had to stand while on the train, remember those time u have to keep ur grip firm on those handrail and pray hard u wont be swap, "molested" or grind by some mathafucka?

Fear not cos the new train handrail are on 2 ends, that means both u and that mathafucka can now hold on to their individual handrail, his buttock will NEVER touch, UNLESS of course another idiot choose to act stupid by standing in the middle of you 2. Then he must REALLY be an idiot.
Anyway the number of seats are also minimise, and the length of the seat is shorten, so now those standing up have more room and move about.
The middle 3 sits are in lighter shades and the 2 other sits on their left and right are in darker shades, like the one i took. so now u can jolly well tell ur friend "i am in the last cabin, on the darker chair on the left" makes life easier right ?


haha.. this is especially to guys like Chris..
There is a man, currently at large, commiting a VERY VERY serious crime - raping. And very often his target are the unusual --- man!!!!

He is a black man, aged between 18-21, and his target are of all sizes. This case happen in Texas and HE STAND TO GAIN. Why? Because all stupid man that fall into his trap refuse to come front to admit they are one of the victim, just to avoid being recognise as the failure.

Why guys? For ur face? !!!!! He's pointing at u with a knife.. why else can u do u idiot?

Seriously if i am one of those guys i will come to front and catch this mathafucka.

My past
As many of u are already aware by now, so its no big issues. I am a victim to once-a-very-serious molesting case. The rape-abuse-molest serial fucka has already been caught, and i hav been a very very lucky gal to recover from this nightmare.

But i will not afford to let any one else get away with it. This cannot be. i vow if one day something evil as this happen to me, for my safety reason, i will not hesitate to attack him.

i admit and have recognised myself as a experienced victim to sexual harassment. And despite some situation and truly unavoidable. there are many other situation where we can avoid being targeted.

Recently a working colleague came to me and ask
Wendy:"heard u are staying in 757 yishun?"
me:"yes i am"
Wendy:"i use to hang around that area till one incident"

it was then another case of sexual harassment came into light. Which make me very very scared.
Wendy had a bf that was staying around my vinicity then. And very often, she and her sister will meet up her bf under his block.

Once Wendy had a tiff with her sister, out of anger, her sister ignore her and walk 2 blocks away from her.
It was no big deal to Wendy as she is familiar with the route, then all of a sudden, she past by a block (which i am not going to mention which one, but its one road away from mine, so its like a 15 steps away thingy) and Wendy saw a dark figure facing the red pole use to contain water that is situated near the corner of a stairway.

The innocent Wendy couldn't figure out what that shadow was so she took a few steps backward. The dark figure was a Indian man mastubating himself. Wendy shouted in fear and it alert the Indian man. The dark man, ran down, use both his hand and all his might tried to pull Wendy up the stairs.

here's the thing gals, i did an experiment with my classmate Honey that day, she was pushing me backward when i tried really hard to struggle myself free, the TRUTH is, IT IS POSSIBLE TO BE PUSHED FORWARD BY THE PERSON IN FRONT OF YOU FOR A LONG DISTANCE, FROM ONE CORNER OF THE LAB TO ANOTHER!

Wendy was dragged half a staircase up till she subconciously, and out of fear, grab watever she could catch hold of and bite into it really hard. The lucky thing is that, she manage to bite the dark man into letting go.

Eventually, Wendy was running down the stairs while the man continue to give chase. He finally gave up when Wendy started shouting for help. Wendy did not report the matter to Police for fear her parent learn about her having a BF.

TOTALLY OUTRAGEOUS!!!! I cannot allow this to happen any longer. EVen the tot of biting into an arm that had just been used to masturbate makes me SICK!

wat is the world coming into. Oh Lord why did this sicko exist/// i need an explanation. people pls tagged.. thanks


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