Wednesday, December 20, 2006

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love my cousins.. it no wonder we were envy since young. Its a unexplanable bonding. And we dun do that to show off.. i love my cousins alot.. and they love each other too.. most impt is, we ALWAYS stood by each other side when either one needed help.. - even stupid help.
one such example was yesterday, where we were foool by cuz to meet up, tinking it was something realy impt. turns out it was to shop for a ring with her for her BF.. gosh!! anyway Ray and i did our best.. and i am telling u the ring is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L
it like really huge and stunning. we tried it on Ray and it looks good on him. a Pity he dun wear rings.
Anyway i cant tell if it was the clothes i worn yesterday or my hair? but i felt absolutely stunning, like the amount of attention i received were-- more than mere. Hehe.. thanks (pics for u to judges la)
but guess wat? i only like my B
anyway holidays a dread, it feels so draggy, and every morning i wake up with the same mentality in my head, "get the project over and done with.. pls!"
Today was a great achievement. all thanks to Apel Yap and Tan JunLin.. There are realy some people born with the IT brains, and i am one of the exception. But yup,thanks cos without their help i wouldn;t have get this thing goin (after being stuck for 3 days la) My shopping cart finally moving!
And then i met JeRk after project, he has this GF which i seriously doubt and worried for. She is born on the same day as me, 31 January so u can say we have absolutely same taste on stuff. JeRk needed to get her a present and we went round shopping for it.. in the end he paid a handsome $155 for a pendant really nice.
it was a pendant that Xue has too. a heart shape diamanete pendant witha very very nice necklace. i took one photo of it.. will upload it soon
then B and his campmates happen to have nights off at causeway point. and so we met up for a while. Then we shop around the area for a short while , did some chatting.
(btw i told him communication is important for 2 person, it not about guessing and hoping u Bingo on wat the other wants. )
He sent me up my house for steamboat. That poor fellow had to eat a whole lot more food cos i cant finish them. Mummy keep asking him to eat despite his BK earlier.. haha. so much for trying to get into my family's good book
Anyway he left while i was bathing, says he receive an urgent call to book in immediately.
tired.. going to bed. nights

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