Wednesday, December 27, 2006

with the man

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had real fun.. Holiday was finally recognised. However this also indicate the need to lose some weight before Chinese new yr arrive. I was doing a well job, dropping from a mean 58 kg to 54 kg.. and now thanks to Merry Christmas, i fall back to a terrible eating-too-much crisis..

Won't the rain ever stops?

i wanna swim in the ocean blue chlorine.. wanna tan under the glaring sun

however, whilst remembering those time i pant away while making my way to school, those days where the sweet and nicely done make-up smudge due to the perspire, somehow or rather the idea of having those hot summer seems to drift away.

been SO many nights spent with the man. He's been the sweetest, and if it hadn't been for the book-in, we would have spent more than 3 days and nights together. The attention received, ever so ready to attend to me.. makes me so special..

*thanks. its been so so special a Christmas, and i wanna spend the rest of my christmas with you =)

Spring Cleaning at the Wee's house
i was in this really strange mood to want to clean up the man's house that day. And with the help of the lazy boy and his ever so friendly dad. We manage to throw half the room of content away. That will total up to 3 boxes of old newspaper, 2 boxes of old magazine and loads and loads of old bags.

wat makes the whole event interesting was when his Dad had to rattle on and on again about the issues of cleanliness in the house. He told me that was no point cleaning up the house as he gave up doing so more than a century ago.

imagine a pail of clear water turning into dark, sticky black water, and if u ever place ur hand in, u can retrieve it out with chunks and chunks of dust all over ur hand.. totally gross.

I also clean up the rest of the room and change many of the plastic bag they use to put away their CDs. That was probably the worst part as the plastic bag had faded colours and a heavy layer of dust on them.

Also, while throwing away his collection of antique bags, i chance upon a very interesting Mao-Zhe-Tong series bag, only to find worms (actually silverfish) all over it. It makes me jump and the man has to giggle his way to the toilet, then fill a pail of water before stuffing the whole bag into it just so that i can use it again.

i love the new room, now there is room for everything else. The man plans to get a bed pretty soon (he is currently sharing a bed wit his dad) we will also hang up pictures of ourselves and doll up the whole room. The only thing i really hate bout the room is the wall colour, which is a VERY dull shade of pink. We bought a big cushion so he could lie on it to play his game.
*totally love the achievement, especially the teamwork=)

My christmas prezzies
- a water dispenser (those mini ones)-- from eRaine
- a minnie mouse towel -- from Jean
- chocolate and Swensen treats -- from the Boss
- skinny jeans ( yet to get) -- from the man
- hairband, really nice black and white -- from Jamie
- PINK mouse.. love it -- from Xinyi
- expensive chocolate -- from Si jia
- hello kitty hp pouch, notebk and more -- from Xue
- photo frames -- from Jann
- Ichiban treats, TCC treats -- from Darren
gosh.. cant remember the rest.

bOught a couple Havainas for me and the man. what really interesting was the trip to New Urband Male..
Clar and Pau angels needed to get gifts. we shop at 3 different NUM to get 3 pairs of Haivanna, only to finally realise we should get more for our love one. So we visit the 4th shop, where there are plenty of guys to serve us (er-hem!) and knowing that we are planning to buy FIVE pairs of Haivannas, treated us like princess
here are our demand

- change Pau initial bought sneaker
- change my initial bought sneaker
- get 3 more pairs of sneaker
thats makes change 2 get 3 more sneaker order. We even had guy modelling for us which pair will look nice on our man.

haha.. clar angel manage to get us a 20% discount off the total bill, thanks to her poly-card. We also get a NUM membership card each. So lucky right? Anway after that i heard if u know anyone who works in NUM, u can get 50% discount// damn -.-"

thats ok.. i am a NUM member now.. hehehehe.. bleahz

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