Monday, January 24, 2011

How did you enjoy the last few days of 2010? For me i went on a planned trip with the colleagues to JB.... some ladies need their pedi/mani done.. others had other purposes

Here's all of us resting at J.CO donuts...

resting after a long day walking around..

my entire clique at work are ladies with a common interest... all of us have a profound love for Gmarket.. an online shopping portal, as well as sg-bestbuy, another cosmetic portal.

Our shopping expenditure on Gmarket and bestbuy can adds up to almost 20% of our pay... haha.. its fun hanging with them ever since i started working back in Nov 2009...

Thou this is coming to an end pretty soon.. i would like to say each shopping moments with the ladies are well enjoyed.. i hope this goes on.. even when we no longer belong to the same company....

this.. is the PaperStop you should already know.. we were stopping over at an optical shop having her spec done.. i had mine on!

PaperStop munching on donuts..

geeky specs for both of us..

it was a pretty short trip.. one that ended before 5pm.. i really appreciate the short getaway, as long as i am out of singapore for even that short while... its good enuff =)


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