Saturday, February 05, 2011

as usual............... this year bbbbbbbbbb left for Malacca where most of his dad's relatives were

and here i am in Singapore..... with my family

Dad and Mum were pretty generous with their ang pow this year..... so is bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb's parent.... i guess bulk of my jobless spending shall depend on this m given money teehee....

Dad reminded me that he would give us the most he can afford for the few of us... namely my brother/sister and our partners.... he also remind us how he hope in near future... we will give him the most we can afford in return.. This i remember...

Brother Gary and his really quirky outfit in near future
Daddy and his two princesses

Cousin Maureen, whose house we are putting up at.. All of us agree Lil'sis has a really photogenic face

Most of our cousins from Mum's side missing a few...

Some informal shots

Happy Rabbit Year!!

The Chng family.
Here are us with my parent, this year everyone says i look younger than my lil'sis which is good news since i've recently turn a year older...

i shall be back soon to blog about the wonderful and unforgettable birthday celebration bbbbbbbbbbbb had for me this year...


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