Monday, February 21, 2011

On a sunday morning, bbbbbbb and i rise really early to make a trip down to RELC to pay off the last payment of my school fees (provided i dun fail)

It could be because we were really early, the usual waiting time of 45-60mins were surprisingly shorten to a 15mins wait... When we were about to leave the building the queue number had risen to a dreading 200+ (at 9.30am in the freaking morning)

We had a long time to waste *(since we had arrange to meet bbbbbbbbb's cuz at 1pm with expected delay since she had recently return from UK and was still suffering from jetlag) so bbbbbbbbbbbbbbb suggested walking the long path from Shangri-La Hotel all the way till Orchard Station. Took lotsa of pic along the way and had a really long talk about our future, the sort of house we wanted to live in and ........etc)

it was definitely one of those memorable moments share with him.. having our heart-to-heart talk and basically sharing stuff we never had the opportunity to share

Upon reaching ION, we had a awkward moment of recognition that no shop would possibly be open at 10 plus in the morning.... We were really thankful when we recall CoffeeBean serve breakfast (i had enjoyed a sumptous breakfast with SiAhPau once and it was real good)

So off we were to Coffeebean for our breakfast! ... we were really thankful that bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb's credit card rebate had accumulate enough to get us both a free breakfast (*how;s that for a good sunday morning)

Black coffee for my boy... i love my first-few-manufacturing-design of bonitochico... especially this top i am wearing..

bbbbbbbbbbbb got me a slice of cheesecake (yes.. i have funny craving for thing at weirdest time.. such as cake for breakfast and cornflake for dinner.. dont ask me why)

bbbbbbbbb and i about to start our breakfast....

had to camwhore alone since bbbbbbbbbbbbbb was busy with his morning Straits Time... my busy businessman,....haha.. i can foresee us eating breakfast over the dining table after we are married and him enjoying his paper every morning.... haha..

after we met bbbbbbbbbbbb's cuz..... we went on our mission to get her new clothes for her new job....

Here, we were waiting to give her suggestion on her outfit at Levi's

haha.. borrowing the changing room mirror at Levi ION orchard..

When the sun was setting.... we took a bus to plaza sing... when we overshot.. haha.. we had to walk some distance there... check our some magnificent statue we've came across along the way.

here's me walking down the stair... hahaha

the bottom stood bbbbbbbbb's cuz.. in the middle was bbbbbbbbbbbbbb's lil' sis and me right at the top.. ahhaha

here's a spastic pic of me pointing at the statues shown above.. really shock by the discovery

bbbbbbbbb's lil'sis... Charmaine

and thus end the wonderful sunday spend with bbbbbbbbbb and his relatives...


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