Monday, February 21, 2011

Just realise i've shortchange bbbbbbbbbbbbb into the valentine day entry, in fact, he've not only gotten me flowers on the actual day... it was weeks ago he surprise me with a whole range of Hado-Labo item, which was raved by Phyllis and a few of my colleagues

The highly anticipate packaging and i had not slightest idea what was contain inside

Introducing the first item in the pouch- Hado Labo moisturing cream, which i believe is to be use after toner and before make up

Hado labo moisturing mist, to be spray thru out the day, whenever you feel oily, spray a few times over your face, let it rest for about 45 secs? Den blot it off with a piece of tissue to feel refresh (this method was recommended by a guy-friend of mine with the most fantastic skin i;ve come across)

Hado-Labo moisturing Lotion - which in our terms is simply the toner before moisturiser - to fully cleanse the residue of our make up yesterday (evidence of non-thorough make-up removal regime)

Hado-Labo moisturising facial wash.... the one very vital step of our everyday bathing-standard-procedure

Hado-Labo mask! not sure about this effect, only one piece in the package.... gonna treasure it

So there you have the OTHER part of my Valentine gift from bbbbb.... who recognise my need for something practical (apart of impractical stuff like flower....... *wink*)

I am really happy for my other pals who had their share of romance.. i am sure you feel that tinge of sweetness whenever you recall back on this moment.... signing off


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