Monday, January 03, 2011

Resolution 2011



The brand new year begins with me being thankful I am who I am and have tonnes of people around me throughout this tough year.


I’ve achieve much this year and begin on many new journey in life, many of which I hadnt regret doing and am hoping to continue with.


To sum it up, here’s the highligh of 2010 in short

-          January – celebrated my birthday with my closet pal, my cousin and with the bf over the skype-tele-conversation. DKS surprise me at school with a tasty self-customised cake and Denise drove me to Pau who accompanied me for my very first massage in life. The night ended with the favourite cousin meeting over chicken rice and skyping with bbbbbbbb who sang me a song and promise 2011 birthday will be double the joy



-          February – celebrated Valentine alone, bbbbbb had air-flown me a very nice cup. The wording was very accurate, about how I am his most snog-tastic gf- I had to agree


-          March – I guess March was the toughest period of my life, moving out of the house and into bro’s. It was tough trying to focus on revision, working and missing bbbbb so much, I only had 18 hrs away everyday, work in the day, class after work, revision after class and making bbbbbbb and I were constantly in contact, I eventually gave up and move back home.


-          April – I had stop work about this time and started on some strict revision, the house was crowded and most of the time in the day I hardly have much chance to study properly, thus resulting in me turning night into day and revising hours into the night, often losing focus by surfing the net… bbbbbb send me a card during this time, hoping I would get my acts together and mug like I haven got tomorrow, I guess I did try, just wasn't that hard enough


-          May - I had completed the paper, and was dead sure about failing accounts, I was upset but certainly looking forward to meeting bbbbbb, I had save quite a bit and thankfully bbbbbb had set aside a sum of money enough to cover the airfare, i couldn't remember any larger matter than to spend time with bbbbbb, May pass by faster than I tot cos I was counting down the days nearing to visiting him


-          June – July – bbbbbbb and I spend very quality together for a month, visiting places and falling in love all over again, I guess at the moment when I finally saw him at the arrival gate, I had the strangest refreshing feelings, and the first time we kiss upon seeing each other, I felt like this man was different, and I like him better =)


-          August – bbbbbbbb had return to SG and I was back at work, he was looking for a job every other day I didn't work, we’ll be spending every moment together, I had stand in for a colleague into labour and oversee her duties during this period, it was a stressful position and the handover wasn't easy, bbbbbbb and I gradually spend lesser time tgr, with him often fetching me home after work or merely just driving past the office to pass me my dinner. We had a couple of fights about how he didn't seem to be focusing on our relationship, it was then I learnt he had wanted to his “me-time” to follow up with his buddies about their life during the time he wasn't away, we begin our scheme on “weekend-meetups”. We spent our 2nd year anniversary quietly, because that one-year didn't really count since he was away.


-          September – I was starting class during this time and work was still piling up, bbbbbb had found himself a job and we were pretty cool about the weekend-meetups and so it was the arrangement, since I had classes all through weekdays anyway. Bbbbbbb had drove me up to his grandma’s place in KL and I finally get to meet her honour, she was a friendly lady and I am glad he finally allow to meet, not that he didn't allowed earlier, just that we finally found a suitable time.


-          November – I had gone on a BKK trip with PaperStop, it was to annouce the new-found independance we are determine to have. I wanted to relieve each moment of being alone for a while without bbbbbb and Paperstop needed a trip to get over her bad romance. During this time, Paperstop lost her grandma. Bbbbb also had one week of bachelorhood, which in his words, were boring. I reckon he needed me in his life =)


-          December -  work was no longer that tough since the colleague had return from her Maternity leave, I haven got much impression of December except that everyone was looking forward to the holidays. Our colleagues went on a day-trip to JB and it was fun =) bbbbbb held a x’mas party at his place and we celebrated boxing day together. I finally had my taste of KTV with PaperStop. Cuzzie and I metup and we had a real good chat, I am super glad to relive our childhood moments, just taking care of her and being there.



So in short, all was well in the year 2010


I was determine to start buildiing on my future with bbbbb and working on the hobby I’ve taken a liking to – blogshop



Bbbbbb and I are continuing our third year together, he’s my pillar of suppport and definitely the person to talk about my future with. He had us in his agenda, and I had us in the future I was building. Even though looking back on the past entiries I;ve written, I’ve realise many guys have came across my life, but not one had me thinking about my future. This is different, I know it, and it shall be hard to convince anyone since I might have said the same for the past choices, but you’ll see, he is here to stay, Rodman Goh is the “investment” I’ve always talk about



Dad is applying for a government loan and I am praying hard we’ll get our roof soon. The cousin shall come and stay under one roof and we’ll lookout for each other. I want a place I can spend time with bbbbbbbb. Despite bbbbbbbb and I already starting to plan on our love nest, I’ll still carry hope into finally having my own family room when the house-dream comes true.



not much about this one since I haven really consider myself fully employed with the school going on, I am hoping to mark this down in my resolution by May 2011



And here’s my goal for 2011. I am hoping for 2011 to pass by sweetly and smoothly

-          To shed a few more kilo till I’ve touched 45kg

-          To grad from school

-          To land a much-sought-for job

-          To save my first 10k……………


And I know the chance of achiving these dream is high,


And for some not-so-achievable goals

-          to get my license hallelujah!

-          To tour other parts of Europe bbbbb and I haven covered

-          To start and succeed on my dotcom

-          To start a tiny but stable business with bbbbbbbbbbbbbb



I guess the entry’s getting a little lengthy…. But hey, I shall look back on this entry by december 2011 and see just how much I’ve covered.



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