Monday, January 17, 2011

Sorry for the lack of substantial blog... been busy with activities on weekend (which is the only time i can really sit down and do blogging with the company's ban)

Today's blog was requested by the closest pals to indicate specifically what i want for my birthday. Thou last year's decision to indicate what i want was a random decision on my part to abandon the face (diu-lian) to secure what i want, this year was requested by the pals for they, like alot of us have given up deciding on what to give to someone special and being confident she/he will love it.

In addition, with the wishlist, i'll be able to look back on this entry by the time i settle down on my first official job and aim to get them on my first pay.

bbbbbb once told me there is a difference between a person's "want" and a person's "need". I would like to say a few boxes of instax will be what i need!

Simply adore placing together all the instax i;ve taken of ppl that matters in my life. I can look back and again and still remember the moment the picture were taken.. instax gives a special aura dont you think..

haha.. to make it even simple... here are the pricing if i havent remember wrongly

- plain instax $12.50

- colour instax $12.50

- Cartoon instax $15.50

Agnes b padlock necklace embedded with crystal in chrome metal

first had my eye on this when the crystal shines from afar on my entrance to the boutique... the chrome metal makes it easier to match with anything and the black crystal just pretty much bling up, alot like the bling-kristal you all knew.../ heehee

Price is at S$95 if i am not wrong....

i knew i had to get this when i saw it on Phyllis babe!!!! its the most gorgeous Tiff and co i;ve ever came across.. aint it the sweetest and most basic thing alive...

anyway after much googling.. i found a lot more really really chio tiff and co studs...

price for this.. i'll never know cos i have never step into Tiff and Co to really look at their stuff.. my current most expensive earring is a swaroski crystal heart shape necklace and earring Denise Darline and Sharon besties got me for my 22nd.... still loving it to bits!!!!

i am guessing no one's gonna get this for me.. but its definitely a must-get come June when i embark on a new journey in life.. teehee

i had helluva good laugh when i reckon i would wannt get this as a birthday present... who's never been to a bikini wax *embarressingly raise my hands..

okokok.. pain aside, for hygience purpose i am gonna get it done.. but getting it as a present is really another matter altgr... price is S$45 at some outlet i guess? but pls pls pls.. get me a painless deal.. otherwise i'll haunt you on your birthday.. hahahahha

i guess that pretty much sums up my want list at the moment.. i am hoping i haven miss out anything, but hey! if you cant remember it, its not that important (another quote from the bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb)

and i may sound like i am lying.. but i would really want a good meetup with everyone who matters for my birthday.. that would be the most wholesome present for me... *wink*


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