Thursday, January 13, 2011

In my World

In my world


Good Friend had a Polaroid camera one day after she declares she wants one, together with 100 instax to play with

Friend broke up with girlfriend and they got back together soon after

I had 3 tiff with bf within 3 weeks on day 3 of the week each time

I am turning 24

I had a new haircut, my hair looks like a helmet right now

I desperately wanna lose weight

I’ve been feeding on cabbage soup and special K for 3 weeks now

I bought 2 piece of clothes yesterday

Cook another pot of cabbage soup in the office this morning


I don't care about how other couple are getting more and more loving

I don't care how others are saying I am living in a momentarily blissful life

I don't care how one girl is feeling so upset about her life

I don't care how some guys cant wait to laid their hands on soccer


I care only how I wanna wake up each morning,

I care only how I can eat my special K with fresh milk

I care only how I haven’t give up on Cabbage soup

I care only how my bf peck my forehead and tell me whatever negative things they say about us is false

I care only how my bf REALLY wanna show those that gives negative remark the middle finger

I care only how my bf discuss with his mate about “our” relationship and tells me he is gonna make me feel more blissful than ever

I care only how when you experience the downside you saw the upside

I care only how each time any of you tell me negative stuff, I am thinking inside how I am grateful I not in your shoe

I care only those words I say to you, I don't care if you believe me or not


Hahaha… In my world I haven’t done anything I ought to apologise to myself about

In my world…… I didn't do anything I need to apologise to the bf about

In my world…… I am doing all the RIGHT stuff, I wont even hesitate if I was question about my conscious towards this relationship



Have you enter my world yet?

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