Monday, January 24, 2011

Back in december 2010

yes yes yes backdated entry.. it was my lil sister birthday and our family have a pretty tight schedule (like how Gary and i are 364 days apart and how mummy and sis birthday are both in the first week of december)

bbbbbbbbbbbb accompanied me for the dinner.. the whole family out on full force that saturday

This is Kristi, my lil sister.. she is 8 years younger than me but of a bigger build.. you shall see

Dinner was at Irvins Crab at Kim Seng promenade, walking distance from World Trade Centre.

a break down of my family member... This is mummy Chng... the lady of the house

This is Papa Chng... he tells the LAMEST jokes.. and humor the entire family.

This is my elder brother and sister-in-law, Gavin and Cherlyn....

This is Mr Goh.C.T more commonly known as bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

This is my younger bro.... we are both born on Jan.. him on 30th and me on 31st... This is my brother Gary without "make up"

the younger two in the family.. both are the tallest in the family.

I bought bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb his tee-shirt... its a pop-up geisha image in curdoroy material on cotton tee..

We bought lil sis her school schools.. as well as another pair of sandal..... both chosen by herself
Gary even offer to get lilsis her lingerie for the youngest girl is "growing up"

"one stone kill two birds".. one huge birthday cake for two ladies at home

"make a wish and blow out the candles"

haha.. picture number messed ... this is of all of us singing them a birthday song.

This is a picture of my entire family... IT IS VERY VERY OBVIUOS.. I AM THE SHORTEST IN THE FAMILY.. their average height is above 165... except me *sobz*

Us with our respective partner..

and the entry ends... now you know my entire family... haha.. we hardly hang out tgr but when we do..... the moments are cherished..

Sorry the entry came so late.. i hope when bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb upload more pic from his camera i can blog more about some past happenings... up till this brand new year moments..

January is coming to an end and i am still pretty occupied with work and school on weekdays and lots of events with bbbbbbbbbbb on weekend.. There are wedding dinners to attend and company function.. and i am just enjoying myself..
Sorry how my entries are always coming to an abrupt end... i will try to blog a lil more often.. sharing bits of my life... thanks to all who continue reading =)


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