Wednesday, February 28, 2007

i will like to talk a little about this year's Chineses New year

the big news is - i've brought the man to visit some of the relatives, they all know who he is to me now.. so the relationship is almost stabilized. On top of that, the man's cousin studying overseas drop by singapore for a short visit, so i join them in some celebration. Its nothing unusual to me cos i've seen them umpteen of times, the difficult part is facing the reality that i've annouce, -for the first time in my life- the guy of my dream, that is staying put for good.

the man join me for reunion dinner at my Aunty's, they find him amusing and it makes me happy knowing how well he is adapting to this environment.

This is a strange stepping stone for one to begin her adulthood, i use to go "woo" and "ah" over my oldest cousin when she first brought her bf to homevisit, i was 14 years old then. i thought she made me jealous, her bf with her whenever she goes, he entertainin the relatives and them having a good impression of him. Soon they were talking about marriage.

but nah.. the relationship after 4 years together, right before my cousin engagement, god know what reason. And before u know it, *Bling* my cousin is happily married to another man with a very very sweet lil daughter.

And then i grow up, this year, Joseph (another cousin of my age) brought his girlfriend to visit, she was a sweet girl and soon became the highlight. And my older bro, as usual, brought along his gf to visit (their third chinese new year together). naturally, for me to be 20 years old now, i became the topic of "where's ur boyfriend"

Someday he can make it, we'll visit my relatives, somedays he cant, i'll go with mum and dad. The feeling is strangely good.

An rather old story
it was just last year that i first went for my home visit, that will have to be Lester's - the one guy i tot i will last with. I was madly indulge in our relationship then and had the mentality that nuttin can come between us, it came to and end all too soon when he suddenly dissapear into thin air, broke off all mode of communication and avoided me for a long time.

He sent me into serious trauma, and he became the top of my list of the things that can upset me the most. even my parents started to worry about the change in me. All too soon, i was ready to move on with life.

Then God sent me another angel, the man, he was patient and could wait. I was mentally never prepare to accept yet another man. i told him i needed a year to decide.
Truth about this one-year thing (which i once told Lester too) is a time for me to seriously evaluate a relationship and to put it on par with my life, should a guy be able to withstand the way i am or even make me wanna change for the better. He is the man.

So Lester kinda of lost in this game. and the man persevere, not that i like both the same, but this time the man has it all, so i suppose i met a even higher and stronger taker for the game.

believe it or not, the game is gonna end soon, the winner is about to rise

all of a sudden i tot about this phrase Denise darlin taught me "Good Game"


anyway back to the topic, the man make his impression and i am impressed by the way he present himself in this chinese new year, even better was the clothes he convince himself to change, which is the style i am ALWAYS INTOO

HAHAHHAA.. so in love!!!!!

never used this word on any guy before, but i take my hat off the man, he make me SO WANNA SAY THE LOVE WORD

(i will post pic we took during new year pretty soon k?)

and he is leaving for Taiwan soon -.-" sobz.. i'm gonna miss him..
do u believe in "bing bian"
i dun, dun believe i will do it, the man has been with me for about 10 months now,,. and he'll be gone for a month..
this is the challenge.. after the challenge i will end the game with a kiss..

haha.. pure nonsence, i am fantasizing la..

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