Saturday, March 10, 2007

finally decided to tk another step into blogging.. life's been the hardest.. Yet i cannot recall when was the last time i ever felt that fufiled anymore.

Job was hard, busy using the brain everyday, not exactly on numbers or HTML tag, but more of interior designs and layout. I was to be in charge of creating a new shop in far east, the new Sara & Pat and Ooo..Baby will soon be open by april.

there were also little time to met up with people, only Sharon and Denise Darlin outin was worth the description, main thing was our anniversary outing where we hang out at town and eat at Sakae,
These gals, ever the sweetest, nuttin more than a cup of sugar, did brighten my day, we feed each other our favourite food, shop aimlessly and eventually force ourselves to spend worhtless money on worthless stuff. But the main thing is tha we totally enjoy each other's companies =)

met Lakshmi days ago, its been long since i met up a classmates from NYP, she is a NEW REPORTER now.. damn proud of her.. we talk alot about Celina, hopefully to catch up with her pretty soon.
Apel, JunLin and Zho Zheng came to visit too one day, they were still full of crap, makes me laugh, my colleagues ask how i manage to stay so happy, i told them the secret lies in my friends=)

the man is leaving for taiwan pretty soon =( that explains the long lead time to blog. He's been staying over for the past 2 nights, we caught lots of movies, shop when we can and specially met up at restaurants after my work to eat a romantic dinner as well as to "communicate". we also gave each other time alone so as to get use to not having each other company for the next one and a half month. Not really willing to say this but i gues i am going to miss him, infact there are nights when i cry just knowing that he will be gone for that short while. Am i crazy or what? haha.. anyway its really silly shopping with ur boyfriend when the 2 of u have nuttin to buy and when u've been at the same place to catch movie too the night before. We are addicts!

Denise is busy with her IT fair not, i wish her luck
Sharon is busy with something, i dunno.. hehe.. but i miss her alot

then Jannity and Xueli has been ignored, sorry gals, but i miss u alot too, just that our meeting has been cancel cos jann is sick

and i miss Clarinda who is coooking away in Denmark, Pauline and i talk about u non stop k?

so much to say so little time.. i've been so busy with work running around all the time, yet i;m puttin on weight, how ironic.. not exactly putin on weight but i can feel the tightness on the tummy now turning flabby.. HATE IT

wat else went interesting? hmm.. pictures shal explain

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