Wednesday, March 14, 2007

An outin with the extreme

Zho Zheng and Jun lin might never change.. not even if u give them forever

they are silly monkies that keeps u company but ask u to shoo off

they can even pose for a pictures right

So Apel and i show them the correct example

First day without the man.

Gotta share the pain of losing someone so dearly to you,. even if it only means 42 days of not seeing him, 1008hrs of missing him, 60480min of tinking about him, 3628800 seconds before i get to see him..

the last day we spend together, it was way wonderful, i had remain my vows and stay strong.. not shedding a single drop of tear. He came pretty early in the morning, i woke up and we talk and share some promises and hopes we hope to achieve from each other after this final trip. I cook him a bowl of noodles and we share it. Then he watches as i prepare myself for work.

He send me to work and i haven seen him then. He pop by suddenly during work and pass me my all time favourite- tofu. I was moved but couldn't tear.
Nigght soon fall and he was about to leave his house for the airport. i remain my cool and we chatted till i reach home. He was by then on his way. By the time i finally relax and lied on my bed, i cried so so so hard.

i cannot describe the pain, its like those time when Grandma leaves, the thought just came back, the heartache. Like those time Lester just left, but this time the pain is more unbearable.
--i recall when i felt like shit the previous time, Lester din came--

and all of a sudden, at the moment when i couldn't hold it any longer, i dial on my house phone his mobile number and my mobile began to rang
(i must emphasize this happens all the time we usually decided to call altogether at the same time)

he couldn;t tk my tear, he beg me so so so many times to cheer up, he repeated those re-assurance, but i cant..
i became so desperate i beg him not to leave.
The man soon cant tk it too.. i could hear the heavy breathe in the way he talks, he was trying real hard to hold his tear too.
After 15 mins of hushing, i manage to calm down, but my nose was blocked, my eyes were swollen i could no longer see.
He was busy with this departure matters, he could only call every few mins after each documentation.

Eventually i fall asleep, those tissues flooding the entire bed.

The next morning i woke up, my eyes were ugly, i had a bad headache but had lotsa of household chores to do. I was sick, mucus and signess.. argh!!!!

i felt better towards the afternoon and decided to hang out with Apel and the guys, that explains the pictures above..

And the man was the SWEETEST k? he msg me every few hours, and call me whenever he can, his voice now sounds better.

[ i always knew the feeling of missing someone, but even when someone is still around, just millions of miles away? if u understood how it feels, u will realise whenever his call, his voice sounds extraordinary to u... i miss him]

minutes before he depart, The man has a request
"can i request that once i return from Taiwan, we'll be officially together... ok?"

i had millions of thoughts running thru my mind.. but i knew, in my heart, it was TIME

me:"yes :)"

first day of missing someone so dearly.

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