Friday, March 16, 2007

Todays marks the the third day of not seeing him.

my eyes are tired from tearing, i cant even remember how many times exactly have i teared since he first left.

his words are so motivating.. i gotta share.. mark this msg for a lifetime

"dear i reach taiwan le.. tink u still sleeping.. take good care of urself.. miss you"
"oh just go out k.. me here also not u feeling better? if still unwell see a doc tomorrow k? must take very good care"
"the weather here is the same as singapore.. very hot but wind here is very cooling.. muz wait for me to come back k? u are mine"
"dear wat are u doing? where are u huh? now nv reply me.. tink u must be outside.. everything still fine there? miss u"
"hmm.. i received all ur msg.. dun worry my silly.. wat makes me worry is u... so u muz tk good care of urself k"
"be strong k? is late le y haven u gone to bed? i miss u too.. we must encourage each other, this is a big test for us, . we cant fail this dear"
"have u eaten? did u look through our pic? i miss u alot, stay strong k? dun cryle.. mux tk care"
"dun worry.. i dun blame u for that.. sorry tat i complain.. i should encourage u more.. dear.. trust me.. u can do it one.. ok?"
"dear dun be angry with me.. i dun wan this to happen too.. sorry.. really sorry.. dun cry k?.. its makes me feel like crying with u now"
"tink u still at sharon's.. later go home be careful, if too late tk a cab, miss u alot, rem to msg me when ya home"
"i know how u feel cos i feel the same, but we both gotta endure k? i trust u and have faith in u.. srry to cause u to feel this way... be real careful k?"
"pls dun feel this way k? if u keep tinking tis way before i come back u'll be tinking of leaving me..u can do it.. remember our promise"
"thanks alot dear, when i am back i'll be all urs, late le pls go slp early k? another day has passed le, trust me we'll be together for a long time"

its a short three days without him and i make him spent all the bomb on msg. but i seriously cant tk it. We both feel the pressure to hold on.
EVen saddenin was tomorrow he cant contact me cos he cant bring hp on his outfield.. i can feel my lost immediately.

Went to find my besties today, Sharon and Denise both felt the same way before. i guess its because i din experience losin him to NS since we only get back together after he enters the NS for quite a while.

Sharon says when Caifu first enter tekkong for 3 months, life was hard too.. she cried almost everywhere.. just like me.. and we lost contacts with friends cos we had our minds fixed on meeting only the man, i;m just glad i have them with me. Denise had a long day at work, sharon had a tired day, i called them and within seconds we met up at Sharo's.

we talk and i felt so much better.. then we left sharon house. i knew little but heard that Denise and HQ not doing well.. sorry to divert ur attention on me.. sorry u had to give up saving the relationship for the time being to keep me company..

we've decided to meet tomorrow so i dun tink too much about my man on a outfield.

tired, exhausted, but losing sleep. tell me how to cure urself of a illness..

[the most painful part in missing someone is to still continue encouraging the other party that it'll be better and soon be over when u are feeling the lost too]

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