Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ok thanks for the invite to Sakae => couple!

sometimes i wonder why they wont get to business and BE TOGETHER for good, after all its been going on for a while now

The leftovers .. haha.. Sharon and me without our man

It was real fun, cam whoring and eating, all that enters the stomach means we are puttin on weight, but for once non of it matters. I guess sometimes we are so litle, so little u hope u can stop worrying about silly stuff. Its gets pretty stupid tinking about how hard u try to work things out when in fact that was not wat u wanted

Anyway speaking of that reminded me of a dear friend Riduan Chitty, who badly wishes to fly to the other part of earth to say hellow to a gal he likes, hero indeed, but whatever the outcome, good luck pal u have my support

there are lotsa of "supposedly" in life, many times u hope u can put a stop to it.. but whatever it is, u'vce tried ur best (at least at that point of time u did)

There u have, Denise. Sharon.Kristal. going stronger!!!
haha.. though Dad and Mum still has problem recognising who is who, and Dad needs a little more time accepting the fact that Sharon is back into my life. I appreciated this friendship more than ever before. We've been thru so much, and many of those cannot be comparable to those we've discovered in Poly life. we all agreed that for a friendship to last, all shall chip in. And this years has make me pretty much confidence of this friendship, its here to last u know!

At Liquid kitchen's

Denise looks like she has the "nike eyebrows" its makes us all laugh

Drinkin is not a bad habit, its a habit
u appreciate what u drink cos each and every glass is couple with effort to blend them, long years to brew them, i do not believe drinking is addictive, its like HIGHLY not la. the 3 of us, happily drinking away (ok only i had a little much more alcohol. Denise has a strawberry breezer and Sharon drank some passionfruit wine) i had some funny rum combi with vodka and peach.. interesting!

miss this out earlier.. the couple looks really stern in this one.. better show it

this is to prove our cam skill, we each has our very own olympus.. (mine's thanks to the man, and lotsa of colleagues)

When the couple tries their best to look romantic

My besties, i am IN LOVE WITH THEM!! (i am flying)

Sharon and me.. we hang around too much la.. see!! now look like twins liao

The final one..

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