Friday, February 02, 2007

Finally met up the parents to dinner

Had a fun time with the man

He treat me to dinner at swensen.. that was the sweetest

Kristal looking happy..

Sister and me on the return journey from dinner

we totally look alike

happier Kristal

Sulky Kristal

Bro and Sister having a fun time on the van

Sister and me.. where is our differences?

Bro having fun

Sister and me again

On 30th January
went to school as per normal, had my project
then met the man for dinner, glad he was around, it was a very fun dinner, cos he is the SWEETEST! haha. we even concluded that that was the very 2nd dinner we really sit down and enjoy, most of them were "da-bao" and "wanton mee"
We talk bout lots of stuff, then we shop around, he also paid for the present i chose, of course something practical, such as lingerie (haha. dun misunderstand, he caught nuttin out of it)
send me home

when he left, again i was telling Dad about the sum of money he owe me
what anger me most was the fact that no one seems to be bothered by the fact that it was my birthday tomorro
I left into my room, tryign to remain my cool
then he shouted from the outside, say it was useless to give birth to a daughter
dun understand the pain of raising one up and all that crap.
i was unhappy, so called Marc to hang out with me, cos the man has just booked in.
Dad shouted at me and we had a fight, just then Jonathan call to wish me, i was in a anger and happen to press on the answer key, he heard the entire quarrel and when i ran out of the house
i called Marc to hurry down and ran to the nearest and most remote spot. needed somebody but din wan anyone to see me in this state.

Marc came soon and he accompanied me to the nearest reservoir, sat there and i totally cried my heart out, mumbling and all.
anyway lets cut it really short, the man rush out of his camp to look for me but i shut off the phone, Jonathan drove under my block and called me too. Mum and Dad called me too it was chaotic.

in the end, all of them came by the reservoir, Jon and the man finally met, it was like a rival kind of thing, but they talk things out, Marc stood at one corner, almost helpless.

As for me, i was crying la..
the night soon ended, went home in the middle of the night, Dad came into the room to check out, but i hide myelf under the pillow, cried till next morning.

so.. as for the details, better to remain unknown, dun wanna type it out, pretty hurting.

it hurts to be poor, but hurt more to be sympathise, do not show me a single bit of sympathy.
Remember those beggar who had full body? People curse them and said its not as if they cant earn the money.
me? i am very much the same, i can make money and i am earning them, this month has been bad cos i skip too much work for my graduation.

but fear not, cos by 13feb i wil start earning again.
so never never, pity me

anyway the next day of birthdya was equally, but i manage to pluck up the courage to go home.
We went to Clark Quay to have dinner, it was a celebration for me and my bro, we are exactly 366 days away, so his birthday is on the 30th jan and i am on the 31st jan.

couldn't complain much, it was a really thoughtful dinner, we end it off with a tiny cake

my pressie!! the piggy if from lakshmi..
and the ???piggy if from Celina Hai Er

my bro just need that attention/ Happy Birthday

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