Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Here's what happen directly after the last paper
Kristal rushes home, happiily chatting with her besties

Say good Bye to KrisSie's room

Firstly goodbye to the drawer of the double decker bed, its been so long

The material use in this operation

The bed on the overal "Saving Bed KrisSie"

The painter finally reach the house, pretty gal paintin the bed, guys u have to see this!

This is denise at work, her serious look makes u perspire

Aiding us in this project is photographer Sharon, whom u can see smilin away, behind her is ME!!!!! cleaning the WALLS Of my bedroom

Here's the end result, i did 85% of the painting while Denise help finish the mess, took 2 days but the result is so wonder, so now there is a pink bed for new year

Even the drawers are freshly painted, i feel like i'm in a marshmellow kingdom.. how pathetic

Denise shall finish up, check out the boxer i made her wear, tell me which housekeeper can be that HOT?!

anyway after that we rewarded ourselves at the Sakae, which i shall upload the photos shortly

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