Monday, February 26, 2007

Somethings are never too late, while i missed - out of my forgetfulness - the angel final goodbye before Clar flies to Denmark, i tot i can express this regretfulness worldwide, so u can read them, even when u are over at the other side

Dear Clar, we are the sort that seldom hangs out, and times when we do hang out are short yet also fufilling, u and i share alot in common, especially towards our ideal partner.
The difference in age hasn;t been much of a hindrance except during clubbing matters, yet when we hang out together, there are always so many other things to be done.
Pau Clar me, me clar pau, its always been, or rather for me, it has always been the three of us.

There are many times i fail to turn up for an arrange outing, one where either one of us make the effort to organise. This brings me reflection to make up for the next outing organised, there are NEVER problems bringing other unknown friend along cos ultimately we'll all end up as friends too.

Its been planned, me and pau will send u off at the airport, despite my effort to request for the half day, its was to no avail. It was partly my fault too, so i should not blame. I hope u accept my apology, of which i promise to mke the extra effort to pick u up when u return.

During this period, u shall bake ur cake in peace, rest assured Pau is in good hands, i will takkaire of ur darlin, we'll be praying for each other day u get to contact us. i dun expect to receive as much as what Pau will receive, just probably a gentle note that u have landed in Denmake safe and is enjoying urself.

ur web cam shall be higly useful to communicate. Please miss us like we'll miss u =)

Love, Angel Mama

p/s: i just head a gun shot at about 12.35pm. Supposedly we'll be expectin the news on headline tomorrow.. hehe.. night

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