Monday, January 04, 2016

Very Fresh start for the year

Super thankful for a sweet closing of 2015 & thus begin the fresh new year.

In 2015 i make a great deal of effort to stay close in contact to alot of loved ones but the truth come to light & it still takes more than one hand to clap. This new year i am going to stay humble, & also treasure the existing friends who had made equal effort to date me out & make me feel worthy. Whereas for the ones that are by at large, i am still keeping my faith in the friendship - at facebook length, knowing you are doing well is more than enough for me this year, but i did put effort to our friendship in 2015 so its your turn,

In 2016 i have set my resolution earlier than i did back in 2015. I was hesitant to get alot of things going but this time i was more ready then before. here are the vital ones

1. Make effort to save $15xxx for my own, in my personal savings for  plans in 2017
This is harder than it looks, after breaking down the expenses i am expecting every month. The determination is strong so i am even looking at  bidding goodbye with Timmy the car to combine this part of my expense with bbb & downsizing our monthly expense to less then it was in 2015.

bbb & i are looking to sell either of our cars away & concentrating to paying just 1 vehicle. We can set off for work every morning together

You dont know it but it's so hard to bid goodbye every morning & rush out to beat the traffic knowing we could hold hands & drive slower to reach work on time & spend a little more time together

we are still plannig it but i am feeling positive, afterall, we will be official owners of 1 property under our family name & the thought of it excites me. 

More effort to save the moolahs for personal use include taking extra jobs but this needs alot of careful plannig so i am not jumping into conclusion. At worst i will take up tuitioning as an extra income as long as the brain has not failed me. This year i want to account for my next year, this shall be the main resolution. 

2. exercise 3 times a week, up from 1 time a week in 2015
It is not all about losing weight anymore. its about getting the body prepare for a family expansion. The thoughts of shifting to a new hse soon, doing the household chores weekly, maybe getting pregnant & being clumsy for at least 10 months -  i need to start soon, getting the body ready for more action & less lazing around, 

In order to fulfil it, i am going to sign/pay for some courses so with the $$ out there is no way i will want to skip it. I am also arming bbbb ready to hear my weekly whining of body/shoulder/leg aches. i do believe bbb is easily influence/driven by me & will soon join in on my mission to firm up the body.  

Maybe when the body feels healthy then the baby comes along& i will be more confident about it too. 

Short & easy resolution but enough to get me energize & build enough hopes for a bigger 2017. i had a good brunch date with Paperstop yesterday. She, like me is working really hard, infact she works harder than i could in 2015 to earn a humble sum she is comforatble with. We spoke about our plans moving forward & i am delighted to share that i have a alliance, or rather someone who has the same drive so its going to be even motivating to achieve it ASAP. 

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