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Cosmetic products.. that i used

There are alot of advice out there, but i had with me some spare packs of Isopropyl Alcohol (from stories of another day), and this was the start of the year, so i guess some spring cleaning needed to be done.

For all other information on how best to 'restart" your cosmetic product for another year, you may refer to the link here

So in the pic above u see some of the best used cosmetic products i use daily. I'll specially recommend the Holika Holika jelly petite BB foundation liquid, which was first recommended by meejmuse (youtuber, famous & pretty, you can check out all her youtube videos here ) . The BB jelly is not available in Singapore (as far as i have checked, in Isetan where the Holika Holika flagship store is located) so i had it shipped from Qoo10. 

And the reason for trusting Qoo10 instead of purchasing it directly from the website is just cos 
1) Qoo10 is a Korea website afterall so that makes less of a difference
2) it save me a lot of trouble registering for a new acccount with Holika Holika
3) i have some credits to used off

Fast forward, i have been so obsessed with this BB jelly foundation liquid that i was never really keen to replace it with another brand. And there wasnt a real need to because 1 glass vial of this liquid lasted me past a year, and i was avid user of foundation liquid. 

TL:DR: fantastic product, i dont use other liquid foundation other than Holika Holika BB Jelly foundation, and the BB effects is working well too. 

The application feels lightweight & there is a sweet & pleasant smell to the liquid. At the start i used my finger tips for application but slowly "upgraded" to make up brushes (Chanel Foundation brush, courtesy of Faye). 
More recently (the evolution is necessary as i've already mention i was using the foundation slightly more than a year, so alot of things changed) i have started using the BB blender sponge which works on the BB jelly fantastic BTW. All in all, the coveage is fantastic, the color matches Asian skin like a sock & MOST IMPORTANTLY, my skin didnt act up or dries up with the excessive usage. 

I had skin test done perhaps thrice in 2015 alone as i was convincing myself to sign up for some facial products, and all 3 test shows i do not have residual dried foundation liquid on my skin, which as i was told, is a common problem among alot of ladies. 

TL:DR:   GO GET IT, then throw the rest of the foundation liquid away.. then find a better way to ship in the same BB jelly & share it with me... then watch some Meejmuse youtube video & see her tweety pet bird.. 

i am a huge fan of convenient products & one of the most appropriate example will be lip & cheek tint. Prior to discovering this i was using bottles of Benefit  (maybe 4, so you can imagine how faithful i stick to one type products till i find a better one) but the price was always a major factor. Another thing is the Benefit tint come in a fragile packaging that cannot withstand altitude so each time i bring it on board a flight, chances are i have 4 experiences (that is 100% accuracy for 4 bottles) of spillage = flying $$$$$>. Can you imagine the pain? The color  coverage is good but the shades of red didnt last as long as the trend would & all too soon, dark red slowly faded in the cosmetic industry & so did my love..  plus point being my pocket was thanking me for that switch, 

So my cousin flew to Korea for a short vacation & in a bid to get some of his loving, i demanded he buy me back a bottle of cosmetic from 3ce, which was the highly raved brand not available in Singapore then. The color orange was chosen simply because i was curious, and the shade of orange looks really good on the model. As soon as i got it i started quite immediately & Lo & Behold! a new king was born. 

Sorry i haven got picture of myself in it, basically, to my best ability to describe, i like the orange blush to a shy & embarress cheek. So you are constantly blushing shyly which is a pretty sight... hahaa... the application on the lips though, was nothing to rave about... BUT BUT BUT... one fine day i had the crazy idea of using it as a eyeshadow & ta-dah// another MAGIC is born.. 

i mean, just try it yourself to find out... orange shy eye lids, its like u have just cried, but u look so helpless its hard not to pamper you.. i dunno what i am talking anymore.. you get the drift.. i am super super in love with this products.. 

Bad points to note thou, the bottle did NOT last me past 6 month, as the density is rather thick, i have to shake it with all my might to barely get a tiny bit on the brush applicator this morning. and knowing i have only sanitize & clean the brush yesterday... there is really not much of the product left anymore... only less than 6months using them.... the pain ($$$, begging someone to bring it in from Korea)....  you need more courage to fall in love with this.. 

TL:DR  i love the apple tint of 3CE, but the bottle cannot last me past 6 month, its lousy as a lip tint, but perfect as a eyeshadow. orange eyeshadow is nice,you look like you have cry so much a guy need to pamper you... if you have too much money to spare & want to look like a woman from 2013... buy Benetint rose Lip & cheek tint.. 
another much to rave product is this Banilo Co light brown mascara, which works really well for me because i have my eyebrow embrioded august 2014 & need something to thicken the brows but not overempowering the existing embroided marks... ...      i took a while to find the lightest shade of brown i could find in the market.. and it was a surprise find at the airport while trying  to finish the last bit of TWD$$ i had.   Bascically if you take great pride to managing your eyebrows like me then this products works fine... at least  better than eyebrow pencil because eyebrow pencil usually containn wax & thus pressing the brow strands & losing the natural feel.. 

Banilo Eyebrow mascara coat on the strands of brows nicely & lasted me till the end of each day, even when i have oily forehead hence oily brows... i guess once i am done with my first bottle (not for 1 year, despite using it 7 days a week)  i might go ahead & grab another of the same.. just for loyalty sake..

TL;DR: unless your brows is as dark as Shinchan  (蜡笔小新), you need a light brown for brows color but is a newbie that makes mistake.. so get a Banilo brow mascara so mistake can be forgotten & worst come worst you can outline ur brow after coating them.. and stil pretend to look like a korean with perfect brows. 

Other products shown which i've cleaned up for 2016 usage include both my primer, which are hit-or-miss to many... i end up with 2 different brand because one was a birthday gift while the other is highly raved so i got it to try.. 

In my opinion, both products work fine & are non-oily so it really helps my cosmetic stay longer on the face. However, Innisfree is a cheaper alternative to Urban Decay & comes in a bigger tube.  i was warn that primer blocks up the pores though, but i do not use them as much as i could to judge. the primer are used on my eyes before eyeliner & nose bridge before illuminator... 

TL:DR: get the Innisfree, save your pocket, be warn Primer may block pores. 

The last product is the Laura Mercier illuminator. which i've gotten prior to my wedding because the dewy look was a hit with Asian & i wanted nose bridge badly... 

Perhaps also the most expensive cosmetic i've gotten but it lasted me so well, so i would say it is well worth the pennies.   The casing is hardy & i drop it more than i can drop my  iphones but it have neve crack. When i was cleaning the top layer off with the alcohol wipes i could feel the alcohol lightly wet the surface but it dried up quickly & the powder feels almost as good as new.. i use the illuminator mainly for my nose bridge & gotten this shade because it was the least "shining" ones i could find.. If you research on Dewy make up enough, you will learnt some bit of shine was still neccesary to make your face appear "subtle" and hence this shades of rose pink works well.  I sometimes apply the powder on the tip of my cheek to give the face a sharper look.. and no i have not used it like a bronzer yet so  i cannot judge.. 

i also bought a Etude House illuminator (like the attached) becuase it was cheap and i needed an extra in case i head back to my Mum and need to look good from there... i wouldnt bother writing much about it except warn you against it... i also somehow understood why price point is important to illuminator... and that you definitely need to pay more to hve highlights.. and not looked like you have applied baby powder on your face.. 

TL: DR: go for Laura Mercier powder, but if you dont need nose bridge like i do, dont waste the kind of money... you can feed yourself at least 36 packets of $2.50 chicken rice if you skip this products..or just use baby powder if you dont miind plastic face.. hahaha/

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