Monday, January 25, 2016

Aquarius traits

loosely translated by myself, due to the accuracy

Aquarius (Kristal, Gary my bro, Kayann my Niece)
Aquarius, will hit an ultimately unthinkable extreme for love & friendship
Doesn't abandon, doesn't separate, even if the other party does not reciprocate their love
Does not pester, Aquarius has a direct personality that brings about a lot of weakness, but it does not stop the regular optimist from feeling positive

If you are in love with Aquarius, you will receive a stable, ordinary but eternal love. And if you don't love an Aquarius, she/he will secretly shape the future & freedom you crave.

An Aquarius smile like a child , but can be cold as ice. Underneath her/his smile hides an emotional heart.

Anything that interest him/her will capture her/his determination, sometimes to a scary level. Towards people or things that does not interest him/her, they can be nonchalent about it, and it's hard to even pretend. They refuse to act like they care for something.

Aquarius are sensitive, possesive, lack of security & are reliant on others. They play with their thoughts, reminise about the negative past & blame themselves for causing them. The blaming game is worrying for others who view Aquarius.

Aquarius are prone to illnesses, especially with excruciating cramps at night, they also liken themselves to Juliet, allowing their emotions to take over.

Aquarius often think of themselves as Super heroes when it comes to coping with problem, they think highly of their tolerance, and assume others to be weaker. When their friends/partner request for something, Aquarius do all it takes to complete them without a single complain. What they do not realize is, Aquarius are the one to risk getting hurt in the end, such as falling in love. This is because an Aquarius will never remember, that in exchange for all their effort is in vain. They understand each task as a losing challenge, but they cannot help giving their all.

What an Aquarius truly need is, not someone worth them losing everything for, but rather, someone who can contain their extreme giving. 

Because him/her who can contain an Aquarius (control an Aquarius), will lead to Aquarius abandoning all the others that he/she care for.

An Aquarius kid always crave the attention, yet their mind will remind them never to act like they do. .This is because they love the people they crave attention from, so they refuse to allow these people to hate them. As such, they act like they dont care.

All in all, an Aquarius loses alot in life - they continue to act like they dont care, keep their emotions to themselves. They torture themselves. So others will not be hurt, Aquarius get to hurt themselves because they assume their tolerance can outdo others,

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