Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Lactose Intolerant

why do i wake up feeling so terrible & why did i down that bowl of cereal with half a cup of milk,

then this vomitish feeling reminded me again on the Teh Tarik i had over lunch yesterday & also the same amount of Granola in low fat milk i had for breakfast a day ago.

Now i can barely swallow my saliva much less finish a bowl of Ban Mian, i had the chopsticks stirring the noodle when it was slim as Ban Mian should be till it became as swell as Mee Hoon Kway.  Finally my boss just mumbled "you wont touch that anymore at this rate"

and she was right, i put down my chopstick & stop eating completely, i think i at least manage the vegetables that comes along & maybe some of the egg that was mixed in. Then i try not to focus on the over empowering smell lingering (we are in a food court afterall)... Omg i wanna puke so bad..

Later i ordered a coke to down & encourage me some burps so the vomittish feeling will go away, and it did for a few hours, but i am back to the whining shit & burping in between typing this post.

i hate to admit that Milk could be the cause but it seems to be the case. Even bbbb agreed after he realize i only started drinking Teh Tarik yesterday (after jumping to Teh-o bing for a while when i first suspected this could be it)

How can i just suddenly become lactose intolerance ah? i drank so much milk growing up what, yes i am secretly praying last night to lost that 1kg my body didnt deserve from last night weighing but this is Black Magic hahahhahaha...  

I am pretty sure MyFitnessPal will be thankful for the entry today, i even had to choose 1/2cup of coke over a normal can (because i couldnt finish even a can wtf), so i guess i am left with about more than half of my allow calories intake for today. Crossing my fingers that the weighing scale shed me me some light & perhaps the Black Magic Lost-1-kg will go away too...

no milk, not from cow, not from Mummies, not from ice cream, really.. no more milk... burp is such a torture.

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