Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Goodbye to twenty-fifteen

How amazing that we are this close to bidding goodbye, 2015
this year you have been amazing, more so thanks to 2014.

2014 taught me to appreciate life & to take my thoughts to another perspective
then came you, and you didnt fail to cheer me on
Thank you for telling me the earth continue spinning when i was imagining all sorts of illness
thank you for proving to me that life does not revolve around myself alone,
thank you for cherishing my family & urging me to take initiative to keep my parents protected

2015 you gave me a huge responsibility, you allow our wedding to take place, and gave us hiccups
Nevertheless, every hiccups is well appreciated, because now we can randomly talk about it & laugh it off like it was good memories.
2015 you made my Dad nervous to gave away his first daughter, you gave him hypertension due to nervous when walking his daughter down the aisle,
you made all the siblings gather together to execute my wedding & perfecting it
you also made my siblings sit down & chat about responsibilities & giving back to our parents
2015 you gave me the chance to own a car thus begin an upward slope to recovery especially convincing myself i wasnt sick in the head,
you took my privileges away & gave me bills to pay every months, and now you challenge me to save a 5 digit savings by 2016, on top of the bills i am still paying
you gave me independance & allow me to contribute to our family,
i never knew i can be an adult the way i am now, thank 'you 2015

This year, you grant me with a pink of health & the even the doc have no qualms when i suggested skipping my next schedule appointment,
the accumulate years of visiting the gynae, ultrasound scan & waiting in the hospital is not a thing o a past, because you told me 2016 i am going to do better & that road to healthiness is a climbing slope i will have to continue to take.

You took me away from the family i face every night for the past 27 years, and threw me in a foreign place but i wasn't lonely. You see, you have trained me for this day & even thou the environment i am in now is not my usual hangout, it was filled with people i was familiar & comfortable with, even thou they can never be the same as the folks i spent 27 years with.
You told me it takes 2 hands to clap, and the man i went to bed every night was the hand i am to clap with, you told me there were 365 days to make things right, and even the worst day will be over as long as i woke up with new motivations.

2015 you gave me a huge leap in my career shift, and even if i am still in the same industry things have now changed. I am happy at this point with my achievement & am glad i took up the opportunities. you also warn me 2016 was going to be real tough & if i can survive it then perhaps 2017 will be a bed of roses. 2015 you have been nothing but amazing, so i am crossing my finger that 2016 will take you as a role model & excel better.

2015 i watch you from the land of different sea, i had the chance to experience you while it snow, then i also conquer the highest mountain with low altitude, you set me with many challenges but never once alone. I feel i might not overcome them without my friends but you blessed me with them so i kept going & kept going.

i am still counting down the days till we bid goodbye, but 2015 you are always on my mind, just like 2014, 2013 and all the years that have passed, you gave me memories that is etched somewhere in my mind, that will someday open like a drawer being drawn & some memories start flowing & one will take place after another. Then the familiar recognition of your presence will forever live in my heart.

"Thank you 2015, you were amazing"

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