Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Starting all over again

I am disliking the old blogskin but have gotten too rusty to editing a new one so this will have to do for now.

i have return from the wedding Honeymoon & alot has took place over the long holiday, mostly stuff that make me appreciate all that i have now, but long story short- i am writing all over again because
1. Blogspot hasn't died, or vanish as with old time blogs like Multiply..etc
2. It has play a large part of my teenage life & i want to bring it over as i grow older
3. I feel less alone when i share, even if no one is watching

There, there, there were new options in the market but mostly were off limits, there is [Dayre] that i follow closely, tumblr that is a collection of all the interesting people that i am not. and bottomline is, i have used blog from as far back as i can remember, surely something inside what i have written will one day mean much more to me.

Anyway, here are some stuff off tumblr that clearly define me from maybe you, credits: 2kindsofpeople

i would rather be a 24hrs chrono watch person because i am the sort that makes stupid mistake like arrange for a meetup indicating for 8am when i really meant 8pm, which brings me to add that i sometimes speak stupid like " let's meet at 2030 this evening" ...
Definitely eat WITH the seeds, whats the big deal about eating melon seeds anyway? i am clearly a daredevil that is fully prepared for seeds-pooping nightmare as you can tell... and no i am not about to plant a melon tree in my stomach, TYVM
i took a second look at this image & consider if i belong specifically to either side The correct choice will be the blue side, because Timmy (name of my car) is a tiny 660cc engine car that is so tiny by the time i am parked, even if i am slanted (clearly i meant slant within my parking frame), i am not very bothered to adjust them, you should see how little space Timmy took in a parking lot, i have hear enough comment about my car 'wasting" parking lot because quite frankly Timmy can jolly well fit into a motorbike slot if i choose to...

i know, i am jealous of the owner too :)
up to this point, despite my "effort", i am not born with a green finger

i am adament someday this will change and i can be like my successful friends who cook using herbs they pluck off their garden, but till that day come.... i better stop harming more plants

oh, and rest in peace, my dragonfruit plant which was dump due to its withered state early november 2015.
i laugh quite loudly at this one, i am the BLUE for sure, i sold a 7year old laptop away, with the label still proudly bearing Intel Core I, not ashame...

shakes head, i am really not ashame man
time to distinguish you from me...  YELLOW for me

i don't get how car owner can stand the sight of an weird bulge while you drive, even if it brings you sweet scent, i paste dashboard fragrance to avoid this sort, often it is Hello Kitty's
Clarinda reading this would be so good, we were just talkin about this weeks back, paperback for me hands down, kindle is good but the feeling is too surreal it makes me uneasy

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