Monday, December 21, 2015

Wedding, weekend & thoughts

Last wedding for the year 2015 is finally completed, this being one of the wedding i most look forward to, because both the bride & groom are amazingly talented people with a quirky & unique taste when it comes to styling. 

i especially love the standee by the entrance of the wedding hall, marking all the big dates they've encounter something amazing, till the day they say the vow, it was also an eventful & busy day because both bbbb & i were the bridal team for the big day, that means taking a full day off & waking up before the sun comes out & only returning home after midnight. 

Nevertheless, i enjoyed myself, especially looking at bbbb - who had me promised not to step up/in during the execution of the entire day. He however, step up & outdid himself assisting the Groom & Bride to make their big day so amazing & complete. He was -after all- trying to gain my acknowledgement that he was efficient & i didnt get away with a lie this time, i really think i am very impressed just watching him flaring his "leadership" quality, reminding me again why i was so attracted to him in the first place. 

bbb & i emceeing & pulling a false one on the bride & groom. 

So, i have been following up with the good vibes due to year end, i travelled out for business last week & during one schedule meeting was destine to face a black face customer whom hasnt been nice to all my other colleague. Maybe its the good vibes, because i trusted from the start i was going to just smile through the meeting no matter how tough. We ended up going to the wrong plant (not Singapore afterall & we dont speak their language) & by the time we met the customer, we were 30min late (in their words, we were THE WHOLE MORNING late, but his mislooking of email content is by no fault any of ours)

Surprisingly, the meeting went exceptionally well, thou i STILL have not met the said customer in person, he must have ran out of patience with us because he sent an assistance to speak to us instead. Nevertheless, we hit it off pretty well & he was willing to consider our product & that means we are one step closer to closing another business. I am very excited on this matter & hope it becomes an achievement. 
Here's us, looking all dainty & girly in our bridesmaid dresses, the bride is so gorgeous!~

bbbb & i took the weekend (after waking up really late  & missing breakfast due to the intense wedding friday) to pack our room, then head home to pack my hood. Somehow, with the mentality tat we are soon moving into the new house together, we manage to give up a lot more stuff. i threw away lesser clothes this time thou, a lot more treasured jewelleries that meant so much last time. Now, they are just plastic-y fake pearls & sterling silver that is worth less a dime. I didnt feel much heartache parting ways thou, seeing the wardrobe & room neat with minimal stuff excites me. Now, we are just hoping to get our roof ready for moving in. The talk is all about house, babies & career, Gosh, where have all the gossip times shared with my girlfriends went? We use to talk at least about drinking, shopping & travelling, now i view them all as secondary, to spending the bucks on building a livable house for bbbb & me

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