Monday, November 19, 2012

Our first trip to Tioman

Like every other sunshine wannabe people, i have a strange affection for the Sun. i love the glow that stays on my skin after the sun-bake and sometimes apply oil periodically to keep the shoulder shin on. Lately i stop doing so but  the shoulder shin stays the same, so here's my secret to glowing body =))

So moving back to bbbb's 27th birthday, i had used up every bit of my brain juice tryng to make it a magnificent one for him with the budget i had set aside since feb2012, i wanted him to venture into an adventure unlike his usual. Dating Rodman wasnt an easy  feat if you have heard about his army-daze talk that set him way back to his fatter days *(the days his weighing scale top him at 100kg)...

You could have assume he was up for any water adventure that involves making new friends and getting license,. but prior to my taking the Kayak Cert + the inpromptu trip to Bintan with Raymond-Lemon and my Happy girl friends, he didnt offer to join us.

A while later , i figure the reason he didnt do so was cos he wasnt comfortable opening up to new friends and the fear of not living up to his own expectation took a bigger portion over enjoying the moments. So i came up with the idea of sending up both to Tioman (since i am sure if there is one person that has to see his power/weakness - it would have to be me) to jumpstart his love for watersport.

So damn glad i did =))))
the water that greets us, the fact that this is crystal clear water already put the trip to the top list of "worth-it" moments. 

Our first pic on land, Rodman looking pleased and excited, his real genuine excitement in my opnion  because he couldnt contain his glee and went from left to right exclaiming " look at this"... "look at the fishes.." "wow..

Like all the other island advanture, Saturday is the peak period where the jetty alone will be packed with people of all skin, we arrived to see batches after batches of travellers heading off to their diving adventure.. I really wanna give diving a shot, i wanna be that close to the under-water..

You will probably NEVER be able to tell the sort of beach goer/fan i am...Rodman gives his best take on describing my passion for the sea and he said "CRAZY!!!!~ you have no idea what risk you have put yourself in by doing all that you did, swimming deeper and deeper into the ocean. You need to protect yourself B, or else this will be the LAST time i ever let you out in the sea"

[haha.. yes yes.. i was being reprimanded by him one fine afternoon after swimming aimlessly into the deeper ocean where the ferry was sailing just metres away... he was worried sick that he couldnt summon me to his attention.. and when i finally did, i heard his heaps of grouchy scolding...   and a face with fear that makes him double attractive... my grouchy Mr Rodman... <3 b="b">

my very protective boyfriend who just turn 27... 

We have gone through countless arguement in the past about his over-protectiveness, once i even made a harsh remark about how he "wasnt' my father so he have no right to decide what i do with my life" ... Then as we continue our romance a little longer, i begin to realize how as a kid i always wish for my future spouse to have the exact characteristic of my Goody old man, because i can never witness another more touching romance that that of my own parents.

They were the ONLY ones to still sneak away for short getaway or errand just to find time for each other, AND while they do no get all lovey-dovey over each other. My dad is the one who will stays up late into the night for Mum's return, he was the one to offer to fetch her to her hangouts with pals over the last twenty plus years.... ...   He is over-protective of Mum, but that is the kind of man every woman desire permanently. So why was i pushing away a piece of gold i found? 

And after sorting out that thought, i no longer complain even if he were to suffocate me with his protections=) If you have been very sick like me once in your entire life, and your other half bothers to hold your hand to your every medical review, no matter how short the session is, and if your other half still fuss over your diet almost a year into your poor health, you know he meant serious business to take care of you =)

Anyway.... hurhur.. *i know i got too carried away, almost tearing typing the paragraph above
we arrived at our beach resort and the signboard made entirely out of wood greets us with so much warmth.... 
the open kitchen that is taken to huge pride by the Paya Resort group, a very splendid way of attracting guests to eat-in if you ask me. i was bugging Rodman to try their BBQ dinner  when the sun set, and mind you that was about 11am in the morning!
Apart from purchasing the deals off Groupon, we also top-up for a upgrading of the room, the aim was to be at a arm-reach to the sea. Overall, we didnt came near to an "arm-reach" but the seaview was still amazing nevertheless. 

The entrance of our resort was a cosy one, chairs are placed outside the balcony and you can see other guest just lazing the morning away, while being bake under the hot sun... You can never find another like this in Singapore... i didnt hear any MRT/car/bus whatsoever, this is what all holiday should be like. 

a drink we despearately needed under the blazing sun, Fanta cherry bottle almost impossible to find in SG. The store owner is a old lady who bears a friendly smile, she was living the island like her home indeed. 

One moment, we walk in and she is watching tv, random murmuring some promotions they have and telling us to come back anytime of the night we desire for she closes only at 12. 

Other times Rodman walk over to purchase our water supply and there she was DIY dying her hair with a towel over her shoulder, verbally directing you to the location you can find your neccessities. 

We spend day one chceking out the resort since it is buzzing with divers and we weren't warm up enough to head straight out to our nautica adventures.. 
we also did a trial along the wooden plank behind the resort, there were some villagers hanging out in group, celebrating Hari Raya Haji... 

Oh did i mention i was travelling on the long coach ride to Mersing Ferry terminal, and along the way i came across some locals gathering in group. At first i was eager to see what they were up go, perhaps dancing or something, then the next i saw Cow, some lying down, and other gathering there were more than 2 cows lying... and then it dawn upon me it was Hari Raya Haji and i should show my respect by looking away. 

The wooden plank is the only way further into the island, at least for this part of our island - Kampung Paya. We walked on further attempting to find local eatery but ended up at another slightly torn down resort. The realization that our trip will be faced with difficulty finding food due to the festive upset us a little, but at all times i reminded him about staying happy and positive for our trip. 

So walked back to the resort and agree lunch/dinner will both be within the resort.. 

Excited Rodman pick on his food... 

Lunch was so so because we failed in ordering good stuff, i ate their "sandwich" in a jiffy and was still super hungry.. That night we purcahsed cup noodles - just in case. 

Then after lunch we went back to our resort and changed to embrace the sun... Tioman truly is all about beach and the sun, so let's live like the local AND the tourist... 
The tioman island is huge, but the peak weekend makes it hard to find a secluded spot to enjoy the see breeze, nevertheless we got lucky fast and found a great spot...    Rodman held on to my hand while i ran off here and there, picking up seashell, adoring them , washing them away back into the sea. ... 

He reminded me that we paid/pledges towards marine conservation, so i abide and did not take anything away... just admiring them before returning them back to Mother Nature... 
tied my hair into a bu n cos the sun is too hot... check out the shadow casted on the floor, admitting my boyfriend to be my largest fan =)))

Then stupid boyfriend got cheeky and took continous shots of me.. thus resulting into... ---->>>

but it was all good at Tioman, we keep quiet most times admiring the infinity sight beyond the sea horizon.... loving every moments, adoring each other's company.. and breathe in the air as the sun begin to set... 
.... i wanna bring the post to a halt here, reliving every moment i enjoyed back in tioman day one....  

it was a truly unforgetable trip and now we are planning on more seadventure... (what is commonly known between us as Ho-Li-Kun [a.k.a Let you sleep... also another meaning for Ho-Li-day!!!~])  to Bali, Koh Samui, Krabi, Langkawai... Maldives!!!~

here's to part one of our Tioman moments.. Cheers!!~


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